About & Press

Established in 2016 by Leomie Anderson, LAPP The Brand was created to embody the 21st century woman in both their style and their substance. LAPP stands for ‘Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose’ and spawned from Leomie’s outspoken stance on women’s issues including the pressures that young girls face in today’s society.

Launching via iD online, LAPP became known as a hub for women to express their views through their words with the clothing side acting as more of a merchandise to the thriving blog. Rihanna wore our infamous ‘This P***y Grabs Back’ hoodie to women’s march in 2017 which solidified LAPP as a destination for great content and fashion that truly supports women’s issues. The brand has become a celebrity favourite since then and has most recently been worn by Kim and Khloe Kardashian throughout 2022.

What began as a blog with small capsule collection drops has developed into an Athleisure brand that truly puts women at the forefront with the sales of the clothing paying those who contribute to what is now known as LAPP Magazine.

 LAPP is all about empowering women and promoting confidence, positivity and unity through fashion and creating a platform to amplify women’s voices.