My Energy, Not Yours

Energy is something we all exchange. Whether it be with a loved one, a stranger, or something in between, we are continuously toggling around emotions and energetic resources. Evidence of this comes alive in all sorts of interactions with humans. For example, have you ever been utterly exhausted by someone’s persona or completely perturbed after a certain conversation? These are clear cut examples of improper energy exchange. Feeling depleted doesn’t only come from a hard day’s work, it comes from poor protection of your energy. Though there are many definitions of  “energy protection” I have classified it as an act of establishing control for yourself, resulting in a robust mental state and harmony of emotions.

Despite not being the easiest series of actions, with time and a few mindful bits you can absolutely regain your strength and stop depleting yourself for others. Curious as to how? Read on my friends.


  • Say “NO, MY DUDE” and Set those boundaries

No is a complete sentence and should be used freely. How many times have we all said “yes” to something in order to please others? This is when true energy abuse happens. Assess what you’re saying yes to and forget the need to justify it. Whether it be staying in, visiting a museum solo, or showing up to that house party ten minutes late, it’s ok to do you. Take the time and space you need to really be present. Set boundaries with yourself for your own success, but don’t forget to set some for how others interact with you too.

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  • Breathe that love in and Visualize that GOLD

It goes without saying, but like, don’t forget to breathe. When tough situations arise our body goes through trauma. Want an easy fix? Focus on that breath and make sure to be mindful with it. Once you’ve accomplished this imagine yourself protected by a cloud of gold light. If you encounter someone who tries to dim this light, let it reflect back onto them while knowing you are untouchable. You are grounded and beautiful and loving.

  • Cut those Cords

Feeling tied down to someone in particular? Imagine a cord between you and the person affecting you. If this connection is too heavy or emotional to endure, visually cut that cord. Use a hypothetical knife, scissor, samurai sword or utensil of choice. You’d be surprised how efficient imaginary games like these are in releasing concern.

  • Shift, Cleanse, Get weird with it

Reshape your space, reshape your mindset. Continuously shift and declutter your most personal areas. Not only does this make way for more positivity, it is a therapeutic way to assess what is needed vs what isn’t. In the end this is what energy protection is all about. If you’re already at this point in your lifestyle, try “smudging”. The act of smudging is meant to spiritually cleanse and protect your area, yourself, or your loved ones. Based on your level of spirituality and commitment to ritual practice you can perform a simple smudging ceremony of these guidelines or go all in for the full monty here. All you’ll need to achieve some delicious clarity is a sage stick, feather, lit candle, and bowl for ashes.

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  1. Speak it into existence

Lastly, if you’re feeling frisky try reiterating affirmations into existence on a daily basis. These sayings provide comfort, goals, and intent to drive beneficial change. A personal favorite is “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours”.

Be well and happy protecting x

By Brittni Alahmar

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