What Trump’s 59 Missile Salute Means for the World

On Thursday President Donald Trump ordered that 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles be aimed to directly attack the military site to blame for the chemical attacks that were carried out against the Syrian population. This was a dramatic move for President Trump and it is causing a lot of public concern. Many Americans are feeling tensions with Syria being a nation backed by Russia, patient and with the consistently questionable status of the Trump Administration. However, and the real question is why did the President decide to use such an aggressive approach in dealing with the nation?

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Trump stated at a press conference, hospital “There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignored the urging of the UN Security Council. Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically.”

Donald Trump’s actions can mean many things. Is he is taking a strong stand against the use of chemical weapons on this planet? Effectively showing other nations that they will play by the rules, or else? It is unlikely but, he could be advocating and retaliating for the innocent population of Syria that was affected by the chemical weapons. The message that most Americans perceive him to be trying to communicate is one where he establishes his dominance as a new world leader.
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Beyond the surface we ought to examine the details of the event that no one else is going to acknowledge. First and foremost launching those 59 missiles affected not only Syrian military operations they are also going to adversely affect the lives of the population of Syria, Russia’s relationship with the United States, the lives of UN and US military forces in that and the surrounding nations, and the lives of the people living in the countries surrounding Syria. People died as a result to these bombings. Families lost loved ones, terror still exists for the mass population, and unrest is surely going to ensue as a result. What if Syrian leaders respond with more chemical warfare against the people?

unnamed (4)The biggest toll is taken on the Earth though. How is this going to impact the world environmentally? How is it going to affect the air quality of surrounding nations? The biggest question we should ask though, Is Donald Trump going to fix the problems he created environmentally? It would be safe to assume the answer to that is no. The Earth is our home and it takes the biggest toll and pays the largest price for these “displays of power.”

When leaders are unable to come to clear and concise agreements and they resort to warfare we all suffer. The main aptitude of being a politician is being a diplomat first. So the only thing that I ask, and I know many other humans on Earth are thinking. Is that we try as hard as we can to remedy our problems with effective communication and as a last resort with force.

Written by Tiff Jai

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