Trump, Welcome To Your Tape… Again

Previous White House administrator and Celebrity Apprentice Omarosa Manigault Newman  recently came out for her new book tour “Unhinged” and whilst doing so dropped some tea. Omarosa claimed on page 149 of her new book that there is a tape of POTUS using the n-word. President Trump cannot use the n-word for reasons that are self-explanatory, but is it really shocking? He’s only just called Muslims terrorists, Mexicans rapists and bragged about grabbing women by the pussy.

The ex-Trump bestie was publicly fired and escorted out of the White House and was on an island by herself. Omarosa has been kicked out of the black community alongside the Clueless star Stacey “I tried to run for Senate but I’m real life clueless” Dash. After being fired there wasn’t much news around Omarosa until she started her book tour and being the topic of discussion, President Trump had some things to tweet. He said Omarosa was unqualified for her White House position but he proceeded to hire her as a government advisor because she said nice things about him. Y’alls President acts like a five year old. Nonetheless, Omarosa said she had tapes of the President using the n-word and the tapes were brought to light during the 2016 campaign.

Omarosa claims the producers of The Apprentice have a tape of President Trump using the n-word on Celebrity Apprentice. Whilst everyone in the White House denied the claims and said Omarosa is using this ‘fictional’ information to promote her book, fellow Apprentice star Penn Jillette said the tapes do indeed exist. The comic and magician said in an interview with Vulture, “He [Trump] would say racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable.” Whilst it was somewhat courageous for Jillette to speak out, not speaking out when you felt “uncomfortable” and checking a person only enables their behaviour. Staying mute is just as bad. Even after this statement, POTUS still denies the claims.

In various tweets on August 13th, Trump said Omarosa was indeed delusional and fabricated all the allegations. He addressed Omarosa as “Whacky Omarosa” and whilst defending himself referred to Omarosa as a dog. Whilst many defended the president – including American political consultant,Frank Luntz – a new tape surfaced and had a lot of people backtracking.

CBSNews obtained a new tape from Omarosa that defends her claims. A conversation between Omarosa, Lynne Patton, Katrina Pierson (News Personal) and campaign communications director Jason Miller was held during the 2016 Presidential campaign. A discussion between all parties was orchestrated because there was a potentially harmful recording of the president using the n-word and they wanted to know how they could get in front of it, if it was ever shared with the public. During the time Donald Trump asked Lynne Patton for assistance in how to handle the situation and both her and Omarosa said “…it depends on what scenario you are talking about.” Both these women are black and were defending this man for some coin. By all means get your check but Omarosa don’t bring out your moral compass now because you got played. Like Michael Eric Dyson so beautifully said, “Just because you get crumbs from Massa’s table doesn’t mean you ain’t on no plantation!”

Pierson was interviewed on FOXNews Monday night where she denied the existence of the tape that she was involved in. Then later backtracked in tweets when the tape came out on CBS. She wasn’t the only person who got caught in the crossfire because of these tapes. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked whether she could guarantee that there were no tapes of the president, she said she couldn’t. How reassuring for the American people. Sarah Sanders then flipped the situation by saying the president cares about Black people and he had created twice as many jobs for African Americans than Obama in his eight years in office. I’m not sure if you keep up with Sanders but she’s known for giving out false information, and this is one of those times. Even if the statistics were true that is all the president has done for Black people; where is this power to the people energy when black people get shot down by police, young women go missing and are sold as sex traffickers, or when missing black people are found dead with no organs? It doesn’t take a tape of POTUS saying the n-word to prove he doesn’t care about minorities. Right now, for the first time in 50 years, there are no black senior staff in the White House. This isn’t a coincidence, this is another way Trump displays his racism and xenophobia.

I personally believe these tapes whether found or not hold no weight. There are tapes of Trump saying he grabs women by the pussy, calling Mexicans rapists, an alleged tape of him having sex with Russian prostitutes and maybe one of him urinating on them. So what is a tape of him saying the n-word really going to do? Omarosa, I wish you all the best with your book tour and I hope you keep your head up during this arbitration against you from the Trump campaign but I really don’t care for you. You didn’t have the black communities interest at heart when you were in a place of power so all this boo boo kitty tears isn’t going to guarantee open arms for you sis and that’s facts! Will the tapes ever come out of hiding? Will the tapes make a difference? Will Trump get impeached? Will Omarosa gain some friends? Find out on the next episode of DragonBallZ.

Written by Tolu Martins

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