• Keeping Net Neutrality Matters

      If you live in the United States, and you’re reading this article right now, that means that we still currently have net neutrality.  This is something that is currently being threatened in America by the Trump administration and the Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai. What is net neutrality exactly?  It is essentially […]

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  • Why I Hate the Word ‘Terror’

    You know when you see a word so often it loses its real meaning. Terror is becoming one of those words for me. On the cover of most newspapers the word is there in big bold letters, unhealthy  informing the people reading it (and the people subconsciously noticing it as they walk past) that terror […]

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  • A Breakdown of the U.K’s General Election

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    So its election time and 246, tadalafil 000 under 25s registered on the last day to be eligible to vote. (Millennials applying the “fashionably late” notion to all areas of life of course). But this massive rise isn’t surprising as you can’t go anywhere without hearing the words “Brexit”, there “general election” or “Jeremy Corbyn”.

  • An Era of Volatility

    I recently attended a debate at the University of London on global politics and world leaders. Professor Stephen Chan one of the speakers (and a fascinating person altogether), this  made a comment that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it: what is waiting for us in the future is unclear, but what is evident is that we are about to enter “an era of volatility”.

  • A Letter to My Trump Supporting Friends

    My Trump Supporting Friends,

    Up until this past election, I always thought losing friendships strictly from politics was the most idiotic thing. I mean not everyone we encounter is going to have the same viewpoint as us. That would be rather boring if you ask me. I love that I can debate with y’all for hours (literally) about any given topic because it not only challenges my views but also allows me to see it from a different perspective. And even though by the end, I’m often left with a headache and a lot of frustration, the idea of two people being so passionate about something has a cool kind of beauty to it. However, this past presidential election is much different than any other. The amount of arguments I’ve gotten into is endless, and there’s no telling how many twitter followers I’ve lost (and am still losing) from my daily anti-Trump tweets.

  • Realising Stuff is Sooo 2016: 2017 Is The Year of Resilience

    Marie Curie, ed most known for her research into radioactivity; Rosalind Franklin, treat the chemist who famously contributed to the discovery of the structure of DNA; Hedy Lamarr, the actress and inventor who developed the very technology which allows us to have wireless communication today and Dorothy Hodgkin, the scientist who used X-ray crystallography to determine the structures of insulin, penicillin and vitamin B12 – all  incredible, historic women in science and technology whose efforts have benefited the world in ways that cannot even be put into words.