Lies And A Broken Home

“Without ethics, laws are just the stories we tell to justify the horror.” This profound and appropriate statement was made in regards to the current policy working to separate immigrant families in America. Mexican families that live near the borders are being torn apart; children of all ages are being put in cages and parents interrogated.

This act is not only unlawful and currently violating several international human rights agreements, but it’s inhumane and is more than likely causing psychological trauma on the affected children. The division in this country is becoming more and more opaque, and the lack of empathy from some public officials, is concerning and extremely disheartening.

As of June 18, every Senate Democrat has signed a bill made by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, that is trying to stop the Trump administration from separating these families. Whilst this is an amazing start, there still isn’t enough support so the bill cannot be passed unless some Republican senators can find a conscious and see the harm being done.

Whilst some government officials are actively making a change or trying there are still some people who believe this is just a consequential act caused by parents. Ann Coulter *rolls eyes* said, “These child actors weeping and crying on all networks 24/7.” I don’t expect much from Coulter but this is outrageous. To call people actors just shows more about your character. This isn’t an audition for who’s the saddest child or who can cry the most tears, these are actual children who are going through this. It’s always easier to talk about something from an outsider’s perspective. Ann hunny, you’re not a 5 year old child crying in a claustrophobic area surrounded by people you don’t know unsure of what is going to happen next. You will never know what that feels like because you haven’t had your parents physically removed from your arms.The Director of Homeland Security, John Kelly said he will do everything he can to make sure these kids are put in foster care or homes whilst their parents are being investigated. Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the Nazi Germany comparison by saying, “in Nazi Germany, they were keeping the Jews from leaving.” There is a serious problem at hand when you’re being compared to Nazi Germany but go off.

Four living First Ladies have spoken out on the issue – Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter – and none are in favour of this mistreatment. Senator Kamala Harris also weighed in and said, “If leaders say they care about family values, then they cannot support the separation of families that inflicts lasting trauma on children and parents.” Republicans are always so keen on family and religion, yet they’re denying people of the same values they uphold. Rosaries were also confiscated at the borders and here’s the tea; wedding rings were taken from Holocaust victims too. There are too many comparisons that it would almost be ignorant to not think this is Nazi-Germany.

The new executive order released by President Trump was portrayed as something that will favour the children in custody when in fact it only criminalises their parents. Instead of being investigated, they would be charged with a federal offence and families will be detained together, nonetheless there will still be seperation. There is no say on reconciliation for the children who are already separated. This new legislation was not created out of compassion and POTUS does not care. He does not get the right to be victorious in a situation he created.

There is no argument that can justify what is being done here and unfortunately, preventing it will be hard. This aggressive and successful campaign of xenophobia and white supremacy is coming at America with full force, but if you want to fight it do not be intimidated. Slavery, the Japenese Internment Camps and the Holocaust were also laws but they were overcome. Melissa DePino said, “Ask yourself what you would have done during the Civil Rights Movement or the Holocaust. If you believe you would have stood up, spoke out, acted, THEN NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.” Use your voice, privilege, knowledge and platform and simply have a heart. Don’t be desensitised to these policies, this is inhumane and very scary. This is America and has always been America, but like our ancestors we don’t have to accept that.


Written by Tolu Sarah Martins

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