It’s Time We Boycott the Bullsh*t

After the infamous Pepsi commercial that attempted to sell the struggles of protestors in a “fun, frivolous, and tone deaf package” this is an article that needs to be written and read. A couple of days prior, Nivea spewed forth a “White is Purity” slogan for the next “big cream” they are attempting to sell consumers. Within seven days we see yet another scandal of where a business made a huge public relation error. This just in United Airlines over booked a flight in the United States and after asking for volunteers to free up seats they forcefully removed a passenger from the plane.

Consumers are being abused, disrespected, and belittled by these corporations because in the past these actions went unnoticed, unchallenged, and unquestioned.  Three dramatic shows of what corporations think are “acceptable actions” reveal a narrative that has been overlooked in the past. The narrative that “all press is good press” has left the train station and its return is nowhere in sight.


The new era of social media and conversely social awareness is not responding “as precedent.”  Thousands of people around the globe are sounding off about the controversy and conversations started because of these corporate calls. Corporate calls that undoubtedly these companies’ public relations representatives will be working to fix endlessly for who knows how long.

When it comes to branding in 2017 one bad move, one iPhone, and one tweet are all it takes to destroy any company.  Millennials have proven and continue to be conscious consumers. Product loyalty means nothing to this generation and we are the biggest generation since the baby boomers.

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Each company has since pulled their “error” and attempted to explain or apologize to the parties involved. We all know the truth though. Corporations do not change unless they are forced to because of capital. Money. So what is the real intention behind these big names that are swiftly trying to right their wrong? To save face, save customers, and not lose money overall. If you ask me, I say that’s bullsh*t.

I work hard for my money. I have a certain level of expectation that I hold when it comes to the level of service I desire. Do you imagine yourself dragged by your hands and feet off a plane that you paid to be on? Neither did that doctor. Do you ever imagine a commercial where someone hands a cancer patient a can of Pepsi and after they consume the product the patient is miraculously healed? Well I bet the citizens who took time out of their lives, lost money, and who put themselves in danger to protest didn’t imagine seeing the aired Pepsi commercial. The people who protest for women’s rights, basic freedoms, and who protest against police brutality.

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I work too hard for my money, and I expect more from the corporations that exist to serve me. So I am not buying a Pepsi Product another day in my life. I am not using or sponsoring Nivea or any product their corporation sells. You won’t see me being dragged off a plane because I won’t be flying with United Airline either. We, as consumers, have the power to say no to bullsh*t. The trick is you have to say it with your dollar. Businesses only listen to the complaints that cost them. So get the word out and make sure you boycott the bullsh*t.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Written by Tiff Jai

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