I’ve Learned Not to Hate Donald Trump and here’s why

I’m an American citizen and I didn’t vote for Trump. I would’ve chosen a loaf of bread over him, visit web given my undenying love of carbs. Trump has completely taken over the public sphere and has become the topic of damn near everything. The Englishman working at the parcel office asked me, sale “How do you like Trump?” Not knowing exactly how to answer him I smiled awkwardly, healing shook my head, and slid him an envelope. My mail-in ballot was in there and I wondered if it would actually make a difference in the election. I later learned that it didn’t since I did it wrong (LOL). Did I really think that he would become president though? Three weeks later I’m up at 6AM London time staring at my computer screen, completely shocked, thinking: Donald Trump …is the man.

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It reminds me of that time on the internet when we were all up in arms over a dress being blue or white. We turned it into a worldwide debate that brought out the crazy in a lot of folks. Everyone was expected to pick a side regardless of if you truly cared. Trump being elected isn’t about picking colors though, it’s about choosing a side. His presidency is greater than deciding whether or not you love him or hate him. Him being president is doing much more than that. Politics isn’t for everyone – it certainly isn’t for me – but this notable election has society completely tuned in and it is impossible to tune out. Trump is on everyone’s radar whether you want him there or not.

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Being on the outside of America looking in, I’ve come to understand that Trump isn’t the “bad guy”. Trump is not at fault for the danger of living in prejudice communities, being an illegal immigrant and/or having your rights compromised as a minority. Trump is at fault for his position on these issues because they go against what being in a free country represents in the first place. As a first generation, Caribbean-American black woman, I see him as my opposition. In any real match, he who challenges me is not my enemy, he is my opponent. Therefore it’s up to my mind, my voice and my actions to determine which side I am on and what I’m willing to do to win.

And just like that… Donald Trump has forced me to level myself up.

What disadvantages me will be used as ammunition to overcome. We’re talking about a man with no political experience before entering the White House. The bar hasn’t been lowered and my skin will not be getting any lighter.  I may always be a minority but Trump will not always be the president – that is what sets the bar so high. While Obama gave us hope, Trump is giving us power. Focusing less on the power that he takes away and focusing more on the power we take back is key to survival for a lot of us. People of color are expected to fight. Foreigners are expected to fight. Women are expected to fight. Our LBGT community is expected to fight. And I am undoubtedly expected to fight. It’s 2017 where anything can happen. Even Oprah is considering taking the reins for 2020. If Donald Trump has done anything successfully, it has been turning our world into a game of chess. So the real question is: What will your next move be?

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Written by Aundrea Murray

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