Dreams & Nightmares

“The D.A said she hate me, but I don’t understand 

    When I just rock the show in front of 50,000 fans 

I think that b*tch racist, she probably in the Klan 

            She take her pain out on me, but she probably need a man”

Meek Mill ‘The Ride’

First and foremost,  #FREEMEEKMILL. Meek Mill (rapper) has been sentenced to up to four years in prison for breaking his probation.Why? Because he popped a wheelie on a bike. Why was he on probation? Meek was originally arrested because he was caught carrying a gun in a local store. This happened back in 2008 when the rapper was 19. Meek is now 30 years old, he has been on probation since then, which is an extremely long time. Whilst many prominent figures in the music game such as Rick Ross, JayZ, P-Diddy and Dj Khaled, have shown their support, many still think the rapper does not deserve this court ruling. The criminal justice system in America continues to fail African Americans. Meek received harsh sentencing whilst Harvey Weinstein still hasn’t seen the inside of a courtroom. Meek could potentially be a victim of racial prejudice, but he is definitely a victim of personal bias. The misuse of power has been very evident in this case and Meek’s attorney and fans are working diligently to deliver justice.

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Those that agree with this sentencing only have one argument. “He broke his probation multiple times.” Girl bye! Meek first broke his probation because he failed a drug test. He told the judge and his D.A that he was on medications and his D.A confirmed this but the judge decided to rule it unlawful. He broke his probation again this year because he was stopping a fight at Louis Airport. The police officers testified that he was not in the wrong and he actually helped defuse the situation and after video footage was released, all charges were dropped. Meek has been on probation longer than his son has been alive. his son is six years old. No one is perfect and yes people make mistakes, but this doesn’t feel like rehabilitation, this is punishment.

Although many aren’t fond of Meek Mill, everyone is showing support. Meek had beef with Drake and Drake’s fans are ride or dies, yet some still sent love to the Philly rapper. Drake even gave Meek Mill a shout out after a fan brought a banner out that said “Free Meek Mill”. This illustrates how serious this injustice is; it’s more than just petty quarrels . Jay-Z stopped his performance to also demonstrate his frustration. Multiple artists and celebrities have posted their thoughts and feelings about the situation on their social media platforms.  

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Rick Ross who is the owner of MMG and a big brother to Meek Mill, has been very vocal about Meek’s imprisonment. Not only did Ross continuously plaster the hashtag #FreeMeekMill on every social media platform of his, but he also spoke out and showed support to those that attended the rally in Meek Mill’s honor.  LAPPTheBrand, LAPP, Leomie Anderson, MMG, Stalley, Rick Ross, Wale, Omarion, Meek Mill,

Meek Mill is known to run the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. It is known that when visiting the city, a Meek Mill song is always being played. Members of government and those in the community held a rally to illustrate their outrage. There is also a petition that is going around ordering another ruling.

FBI are also investigating this case because hints of personal bias have come to light. Judge Brinkley is being accused of possible misuse of power. Attorney Joe Tacopina (Meek’s attorney) claimed the judge had a personal vendetta against the artist. Tacopina stated the judge asked Meek Milly to remix the Boys II Men song “On Bended Knee” and the rapper refused. Maybe she thought she was talking to Chance The Rapper because Meek is not the guy for the job.  

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With all this chaos surrounding the rapper, Meek doesn’t seem to be worried. He has now been issued a new bail hearing. Colin Kaepernick recently spoke to Meek and tweeted,“…he’s in good spirits & humbled by the support the people have shown him.” Meek continued to hold his annual thanksgiving turkey donation. Donating 1,000 turkeys to families all over Philadelphia.  

The justice system continues to fail when regarding African Americans, but the vigorous action taking place will hopefully conclude to Meek’s freedom. It is unfortunate that many people don’t have the same privilege to fight against their mistreatment. 

Meek keep your head up and we at LAPP will be waiting on DreamChasers5. 

Written by Tolu Martins

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