Abusive and Dominant Men in Hollywood

An exhausting amount of sexual harassment allegations towards the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein by multiple actresses, models and employees have surfaced the internet. Many female celebrities who were affected or approached by the famous producer are speaking up. New released audio has been brought to light. Celebrities are tweeting and posting about their experiences or speaking to The New Yorker. And due to the explosive amount of accusations, Weinstein Co. fired their founder on Sunday.

According to LA Times the producer is known “…equally as a film impresario and for his volatile temper…” Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct in hotels. Claims of rape and unwarranted touching have been conveyed over the last couple days.

The victims speaking out implied that his motive is in and out. He continuously invites female celebrities to his hotel where he is often found in a bathrobe. He requests for them by disguising his intention as a “business meeting”. He then initiates sexual contact by illustrating his erected penis, and he physically molests them –  if given the chance – or verbally belittles and manipulates them. According to the victims, he often threatens to negatively affect their careers if they refuse.

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LA Times reported that he has reached eight harassment settlements and some of the accusers were his female employees. The cases are almost identical. This behavior is repetitive and the actions are extremely similar. Some cases worse than others. Over 15 cases have been brought up.

Asia Argento (actress and director, commonly known for her role in XXX) explained that she was victimized by the producer in 1997. She was summoned to the French Riviera Hotel where Weinstein forcefully performed oral sex. Their unconsented sexual relationship lasted to the point of rape. She stated to The New Yorker that “after the rape, he won.”

The leading cast member of Pulp Fiction, Rosanna Artquette (actress) encountered the producer at the Beverley Hills hotel, during the early 90s. She explained to The New Yorker that Harvey Weinstein greeted her with a bathrobe on and asked for a massage. He later placed her hand on his erected penis and she refused to let his mistreatment go further, so ran out of the hotel. She claims that her career suffered after rejecting to participate in his sexual activities.

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(left to right – Asia  Argento & Rosanna Artquette)

Jessica Barth (actress famous for her role in TED), was invited to a hotel after the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. She left the hotel crying after he told her to lose weight and compared her to Mila Kunis.

Cara Delevingne (actress and model) posted on her Instagram and released a statement about her encounter. She said after two years of being introduced to the producer, she met with him at a hotel where she saw another female. They were directed to kiss in order for Cara to get a movie role. She regrets doing the movie and taking the role because she felt undeserving. She also mentioned that Harvey Weinstein tried to kiss her on the lips on her way out.

Angelina Jolie, and Oscar Award winning actress, screenwriter and professor, also met the Weinstein during the 90s. She was filming “Playing By Heart” and was asked to come to a hotel. She released a statement saying, “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.” She never worked with him again and told The New Yorker that she urged friends to not agree to work with him also.

LAPP The Brand, LAPP, Leomie Anderson, Jessica Barth    LAPP The Brand, LAPP, Leomie Anderson, Cara Delevingne

(Left to Right – Jessica Barth & Cara Delevingne)

Those are just a few cases, more celebrities and employees spoke up. The assaults are dated from 1984 to 2015 and the victims are either models, actresses, former employees. Here are a few of the women that have spoken out on their experience with Weinstein: Zoe Brock, Emma de Caunes (in a hotel room in Paris 2010), Dawn Dunning, Ambra Gutierrez 2015 – an audio of her encounter was released October 11th 2017, Rose McGowan – her twitter account was suspended after she spoke up on this situation.

An audio recording of Harvey Weinstein and Ambra Gutierrez, has been the first empirical form of evidence disclosed to the public. The horrific dialogue shared in this recording shows how patronizing and manipulative the famous producer is. Passive aggressive tones from the perpetrator were responded to with a scared yet courageous tone – by Ambra. he repeatedly told her not to ‘embarrass’ him and to “come and sit down. You must come in here now!’ during the end of the conversation Gutierrez references that the producer touched her breast the day before and he responded saying “I’m used to that.”

Not only did these allegations give the women affected courage to speak out but it also encouraged a male actor to speak out. Terry Crews (Julius from Everybody Hates Chris), shared his similar experience on Twitter. He explained that an executive touched his private part during a function. He tweeted, “This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because the kind of thing happened to ME. (1/Cont).” he later on tweeted why he did not retaliate when the incident happened and showed deep condolences to the women who were victims of Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment claims.

LAPP the Brand, LAPP, Feminism, Womanhood, Leomie Anderson

Source: USA Today

Here at LAPP we acknowledge that the misuse of power in the workplace is constantly happening. We don’t approve of any sexual misconduct and urge those who have been victims of sexual harassment at their place of work to file a sexual harassment form and speak out. This money and power dynamic amongst males in high places is allowing men to be abusive. This is a misogynistic system that needs to be broken. The argument that women should “fight” harder to escape has been defied. If 240lb Terry Crews can be victimized then this “tip” won’t work for anyone. It is pure ignorance. No one should tell a victim how to react or feel. Please use the strength shown from these women to speak up. You matter. Your voice matters.

Written by Tolu Sarah Martins

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