A Breakdown of the U.K’s General Election

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So its election time and 246, tadalafil 000 under 25s registered on the last day to be eligible to vote. (Millennials applying the “fashionably late” notion to all areas of life of course). But this massive rise isn’t surprising as you can’t go anywhere without hearing the words “Brexit”, there “general election” or “Jeremy Corbyn”.

So what is actually going on?

The UK general election is set to take place on the 8th of June. We face a vote for our new leader as David Cameron resigned mid- term after losing the Brexit referendum. Theresa May stepped in to lead the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn heads Labour. In April, tadalafil May called a “snap” election (meaning it was earlier than expected).

As a Politics graduate, I confidently say this is one of the most interesting, chaotic and inspiring times for British politics. Before this, like everyone else, I was disengaged because politicians like David Cameron didn’t understand or represent the issues in society that were important to me.


The iconic picture above, for me, summarizes why Corbyn has found favour with most young people in the UK. He empathizes with people’s struggles because he can see past his own experience as a white, older male. Speaking on issues that most refuse to address, such as the wealth gap, colonialism and feminism he stands out as a genuine man of the people. His track record as a grounded politician  dates back to the 80s till now- catching up with JME, speaking at a Libertines’ concert and defending himself against the obviously bias British media.


“For the many, not the few” is Labour’s slogan and can be felt throughout his 10 pledges for: full employment, secure homes guarantee, security at work, secure NHS and social care, a national education service, action to secure our environment, put the public back into our economy, cut inequality in wealth and income, action to secure an equal society and peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy.

Although I truly support Corbyn in this election, it should be said that social media is a bubble as we follow people that we relate to and agree with. London has a high level of ethnic diversity and so is generally a Labour safe seat so from what I see it’s an easy win- Corbyn4PM. But that’s what I thought in regard to Brexit Remain campaign. We forget to consider the realities of those that aren’t from the capital city.

The Tories have demonised immigrants to offer an explanation as to why the average British citizen can’t get a job or get seen by a doctor. Theresa May is offering a hard-Brexit which will appeal to those struggling as they see it as a certain solution to their problems.

Instead of branding people stupid/racist for wanting the Conservatives in power, consider the socio-economic difficulties that have influenced their thinking and decisions. Encourage honest conversation and empathize! Empathy is what most politicians lack and in the time Corbyn we should follow his example and understand the other side.

p.s now that you’ve registered, don’t forget to actually go out and vote on the 8th of June xx


Written by Tunrayo Martins

Twitter: @_tunnnrayo

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