Why we all need a Cut Off and Fix Up Season

Cut off and fix up season; something I have got into the habit of having. Before I continue allow me, in my perspective, to define this term.

Cut off and Fix up Season: 

To organise and cleanse ones’ life for the sake of clarity, productivity and increased positivity. 


I’m not sure whether this is due to me struggling with my fluctuating anxiety and mild OCD alongside it but I have always had one of these seasons every once in a while. Sometimes it’s unintentional and sometimes it’s due to a recent event and completely done with intention. On a serious note, taking part in your own cut off and fix up season could help stabilise your mental health slightly, I know it does for me as the organisation involved helps destress me a lot.

At times we get into routines and don’t always realise how unhealthy or unbeneficial they may be to our physical and mental wellbeing as well as our career and personal aspirations. How many times has one of your friends or family members told you to fix up or take better care of yourself? A lot I’m guessing.

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Well, I’m guilty for not listening to this at times and I know I’m not alone in that, but when I do listen it has helped me so much. Here are some tips and pointers on how to create your own cut off and fix up season, because well you really DO need to check yourself every once in a while.


  1. Body:

Your body really is your temple and we are all guilty of not helping maintain this wonderful place we rely on to get us through life’s trials and tribulations.

One thing I can always rely on to inform me that it’s my season is my skin. Those spots that arise from nowhere that hurt when you move that part of your face or on your back, legs, boobs, wherever… Those days when you realise you’ve had pre-cooked meals for the last week. The mornings you wake up bloated because you ate late or overindulged on a takeaway. Days that go past without you exercising or being active enough…

I always start with my physical wellbeing for cut off & fix up season. It’s the start to everything because once you feel physically fresh and healthy you can take on other things with greater ease. Taking a bath, applying a face mask and drinking more water may not solve the worlds issues but they will help you feel better in yourself. Finding a new skincare routine or cutting out the food you know is responsible for your sluggish feeling will help to refresh you. Eat the things you love but remember you know your body well, look after it and make sure it gets what it needs.

Exercise and staying active can be tricky to fit into a routine you already have but there are ALWAYS ways to fit it in. Late night Yoga or a few reps of an ab workout before you step into the shower in the morning, anything you can. Take care of yourself.

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  1. Friends & Foes:

This is a tricky one and, in relation to cut off and fix up season, not something that most can just do overnight. However, it is so important to remind yourself of your worth. Think of the sort of friend you are and if those around you don’t reciprocate this, they need to be either paid less attention to or cut off completely. It doesn’t matter how long y’all known each other, time is nothing if the friendship is nothing.

It is hard as a young adult, especially moving away, starting a new career, travelling and even starting a family of your own. I’m not qualified to advise you on anything but what I do know with certainty is that a REAL friend is someone who everything is mutual with; contact, effort, support, emotional understanding, appreciation, loyalty, empowerment. The sort of people we cannot call friends are those who make us feel inferior, those who are jealous, those who are not supportive. It does not matter if they are the first one to like your Instagram post or let you borrow their clothes. If they aren’t loyal and there when you need support, advice, a shoulder or someone to celebrate with, they’re not good enough for you. It’s as simple as that.

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  1. Guy “ish”:

I understand no one fully understands your personal relationships as well as you do. BUT, I know many of us are guilty of giving guys one too many chances. This is no spiel on how men are shit because us ladies are not 100% innocent either. However, you know that guy you been texting who’s maybe palmed you off a couple times, or doesn’t make much of an effort to meet up etc?  Yeah, cut him off.  That ex who you still have on social media and go on their page everyday to check movements? The guy who belittled you, but he popular and kinda hot so you forgive him? Delete. Cut OFF.  This isn’t holding a grudge, it’s removing people who don’t appreciate, respect or value you. As mentioned before, know your worth. Cut off and fix up season should be all the time with nonsense like this.

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  1. Personal possessions:

Go through your wardrobe, those drawers of miscellaneous objects and the clutter you’ve collected over time. Empty EVERYTHING you possibly can and sort it out. Throw things out that don’t get used, things that you don’t hold value to. Get rid of any clothes that you don’t wear or that aren’t your vibe. Go through your cosmetics, find a new shade of lipstick you didn’t realise was your perfect colour. Throw out the socks that won’t ever have a pair, try on new outfit combinations, play around with all you have. I always feel a sense of achievement when I sort through all my clothes because I find new combinations I like and rekindle my love with older pieces I forgot about. And by all means, if you want a new look altogether and your bank balance can handle it, shop it OUT sis.

  1. Admin:

This is dry and an absolute eye-roll of a topic but admin can help fix up a lot of things. Anything from filing old work and storing it away to organising your budgeting for the month, sending back that parcel waiting by your front door or scheduling a home delivery of your groceries. These aren’t the most exciting of jobs but the more sorting you do with them, the more you’ll thank yourself when you get in from a long day and realise you had food shopping delivered last night and have that extra bit of income to go out next weekend. Cut off and fix up season will remind you that you HAVE got your life together.

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All of the above suggestions are to ensure you are re-evaluating your life in the most level-headed way to ensure you have balance, energy and less potential for drama/meltdown. It will be the boost in self care we all need every so often after a slow couple of weeks, an illness, bad news, a bereavement, a break up, anything that’s left you feeling under the weather.

When that time comes, take it and cut all you desire off and fix whatever you want up. Have no shame, and look after yourself.

Written by Jessamy Mattinson 

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