Who Branded It Unsafe To Travel Alone as a woman?

SOLO travelling (& pretty much travelling in general) – similar to reading, viagra treatment exercising and eating well – is damn right good for the soul! So why is it discouraged at times, approved particularly for us women?

Is it scary!?” “Won’t you be lonely?” and “What if you get kidnapped!?” …all of which i’ve been asked just before embarking on solo adventures (super sensitive eh? lol). Yes! It can be uncomfortable, viagra order possibly frightening at times and I sure am glad my friends and family care about my personal safety… but just like many life experiences and opportunities available to us women – we have to grab hold of it regardless of the obstacles (both perceived and existing)!


We’ve read the articles of how solo travelling builds confidence, opens the mind, fosters a global network, brings individual perspective and even lands dream jobs! Why then is it discouraged or branded as unsafe for me and you (& perhaps not for him)?

I honestly have no clear cut answer (sorry to disappoint lol) but what I do know with my somewhat intermediate experience of travelling solo is that it holds greater advantages than disadvantages – and it’s cheaper! So hey, i’ll lay down some of my solo female travelling experiences and pretty much everyone’s favourite part – i’ll provide some resources to help you travel cheaper!

With this said I do hope you are inspired to embrace the uncomfortable and seek to fully experience life outside your comfort zone!

There’s No Harm In Trying It!

Unfortunately, we can’t all live the “nomad” life and jet off with an open return ticket to South America but honestly “trying it” simply starts with the small things. Whether that be heading to your favourite restaurant alone, going on a day trip to your nearest coastal city with just a book in hand or heading to the movies solo… You’ll never know the experience unless you try it!

The “old fashioned” stereotype of women being less risky, safe and ‘well behaved’ still exists but hey I believe to fully grow we sometimes need to step outside our comfort zones.


You Force Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

I previously loved travelling with friends and family as I would simply sit back, relax and follow their navigation. After realising I was missing the full breadth of a new and vibrant culture right in front of me I decided to “try out this solo thing”. In 2015 I headed to Rhodes in Greece where the language was foreign, the culture was rich and the people (I hoped! lol) were welcoming.

Since Rhodes, i’ve managed to head to 6 destinations solo and it only get’s better and better (and safer and safer!) Not only are you able to create your own itinerary, you pick up local dialects at a faster rate when solo and unless you wish to stay put in your hotel room you’ll inevitably be interacting with locals, culture sharing and building your personal perspective of a country (not the CNN kind)!

It’s Cheaper to go SOLO!

If you are seeking to travel more for less this year, solo travelling could be your answer. Going solo means you make the decision on where your pennies go!

I could honestly go on about the perks female solo travelling but I can’t leave without highlighting a few tips on saving money for travels. Many people want to travel and sadly only end up wishing they could because they choose to perceive this soul enriching experience to be a luxury. I’m happy to tell you, it’s not!


Travelling is NOT a luxury!

Priority and planning is key to maximising the optimal lifestyle of our choice. As with any purchase i’m a great advocate for shopping around in order to get the best offer – this rule stands for flights and accommodation abroad too!

Shop Around – It Literally Takes Seconds!

Utilise FREE flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner and Momondo where you have the option to search “everywhere” as the destination. Searching for “everywhere” as your arrival destination gives you the option to see which country is the cheapest to travel to during a given month. This is how I purchased a return flight from London to Ibiza for £37 (despite averages being £100)!

Another favourite of mine is Google Flights – if you love visual price charts to view the cheapest times to fly this one is for you!

Sign Up To Cheap Flight Notifications

Jacks Flight Club is another fave of mine! This dude finds cheap flight deals/error priced flights and sends them over to his subscribers. Just head to the website, pop in your email addy and you’ll get the alerts.

We all hate heaps of emails but signing up to become members of airlines such as Norwegian Air will land you priority alerts for flight deals such as £60 flights from the UK to the US!


Last But Not The Least – AirBnB it!

You get a local feel at a rate very much cheaper than a hotel. Quality or class is not compromised.. Oh I could literally go on about the perks of AirBnB – but check it out for yourself!

I do hope you were encouraged to travel more, travel cheaper, break the pattern and live outside your comfort zone however that may look like… Because 2017 is truly the year of the Woman!

Written by Doyin Sogbesan

Blog: https://movewithdoyin.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/MoveWithDoyin

Instagram: @movewithdoyin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoveWithDoyin

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