White Feminism: What it is & How Do We Stop it

Award Season has FINALLY returned and in terms of style it’s back with a vengeance!

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, approved all of fashion’s greats were in attendance and only a small few missed the bar. In fact, this year’s Golden Globe Awards left me a little overwhelmed… But, in the BEST possible way! Let me explain…I’m usually a very decisive individual; I immediately know what will make a huge splash in the pond and what will barely make a ripple. Not this time! The decision in selecting who wore the evening’s best was a rather difficult one. There were so many amazing looks on the red carpet that gown selecting turned into advanced Physics by the night’s end. Nevertheless, I had a job to do and DAMMIT, I was going to complete it. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 celebs recognized for “Best in Style” at the 2017 Golden Globes.

#10: Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig Reem Acra

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The Ghostbusters star showed up on the red carpet wearing an endearingly sweet gown made by Reem Acra. The all-white short sleeved garment came fully decorated with a small train and fun head to toe sheer cutouts. Kristen’s dress was the perfect reflection of her playfully honest personality, making them my dynamic duo of the night.

#9: Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood Altuzarra

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The Westwood starlet nailed it wearing this amazing custom feminine tuxedo by Altuzarra!

Wood perfectly blended female flair with androgynous flavor drawing me closer to my T.V. screen with my mouth a gaped in awe. Evan Rachel Wood… Where have you been hiding, my dear? Now, that I know what you are capable of, I will be keeping close watch!

#8: Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga Louis Vuitton

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The Loving actor made her entrance onto the red rag wearing a custom column shaped gown made by none other than Louis Vuitton. The high-neck garment featured short sleeves and full zippers placed on the front and back of the gown. The silver sequined garb gave me Battlestar Galactica with a classy twist and it truly made my heart melt. I simply could not get enough of this look!

#7: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Ralph Lauren

Photo credit: EOnline.com

Best known for her role in the hit series, Quantico, Priyanka hit the carpet wearing a gorgeous Ralph Lauren garment that hugged her curves better than a BMW on California’s Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)! The gold floor length hand-embroidered gown also featured the sexiest plunging deep v-neckline. I was so much in love!

#6: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Zuhair Murad

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The Modern Family actor put the gold in Golden Globes with the gown that she selected for the evening! Sofia arrived wearing a beautiful floor length Zuhair Murad garment. Complete with sheer cutouts and train, this dress was a surefire show-stopper.

#5: Regina King

Regina King Romona Keveza

Photo credit: EOnline.com

Known for her current role on ABC’s American Crime, Regina King came through for the Globes wearing a glimmering Kaveza gown that had “Silver Siren” written all over it. This floor-length strapless number’s clean and simple design is exactly what Regina needed to stand out for the awards. She wore the dress; the dress didn’t wear her.

#4: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The Black-ish star arrived to the award ceremony rocking an ethereal and super chic Zuhair Murad gown. The gown’s sheer vertical piping, light sprinkles of bling and tea-length detail created the perfect fusion of sexy and sweet.

#3: Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris Armani Prive?

Photo credit: EOnline.com

Moonlight star Naomie Harris wore one of the most exceptionally designed Amani Privé gowns known to man! The custom metallic corset style gown featured a deep plunging neckline and a streamlined fit that was impeccably made for Naomie. She killed this look!

#2: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Marchesa

Photo credit: EOnline.com

Wife of John Legend, newly proud parent and model, Chrissy Teigen showed up to the Globes rocking a fabulous metallic Marchesa gown that sent the paparazzi into a huge media frenzy! It’s high-neck top and peplum details were exquisite and timeless. KUDOS, CHRISSY!

#1: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Reem Acra

Photo credit: EOnline.com

The actress and model wore a phenomenal Reem Acra gown that simply made the heavens sing! The embellished neckline extended down the center of her chest meeting the dress’s slit which cut up the middle. Billowing and airy, colorful and free; Emily’s Reem Acra gown breathed a new wave of energy into the red carpet that didn’t exist before she arrived. She was the fresh breath of air that the evening needed and I LIVED for every ounce of her look!

Let me know if I missed anyone or let me know who were your favorites by leaving me a note in the comments!


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With the upcoming Women’s March on Washington and controversy sparking over it’s accused lack of racial inclusiveness, information pills once again the topic of “white feminism” is being brought back to our attention. For some, side effects it seems ridiculous that such an issue is even being raised, cialis 40mg but to others, it is vital that we acknowledge it.

White feminism is the feminism that fights for women’s rights, but not specifically the rights of women of color. It’s the feminism that doesn’t seem to consider or even acknowledge the privilege of white women over other races. The one that excludes racial issues from its context. Speaking more bluntly, it is the group of white women who believe they are feminists, but only seem to be fighting for the gender rights of their own race.


Examples of white feminists have included people like Lena Dumham, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Schumer who are all quick to speak up for the right’s of women, but have also been known to make racist comments in the past. However, being a white feminist doesn’t necessary mean being someone who makes racist statements or upholds such values. It can sometimes just be as simple as ignoring and not acknowledging the voices of women who are not white.

The whole reason feminism was created was because it was recognized how unfair it was that women were not as privileged as men. They were not receiving equal treatment in voting rights and still to this day are being paid less than men. But POC women are even less privileged than white women. Wages are lower for them, the double standards are higher, and white beauty standards are still continuing to be enforced everywhere they turn. It simply boils down to one fact: Women have it hard – but women of color have it even harder.


To fight for your own rights yet fail to acknowledge the rights of those suffering even more than you can sometimes be just as bad as opposing them. Their voices are being silenced more, their opinions are being disregarded quicker. White people are literally arguing with them on what they should feel and justifying themselves instead of actually listening and understanding when people of color explain that something offends or upsets them. It’s important that when you have privilege, whether it be in skin color, gender, or platform, that you recognize it and use it to help those less fortunate than you – otherwise you simply continue to reap in your benefits while they suffer silently.

Some white feminists continue to believe they are not in the wrong or causing no harm because they “don’t see color” and are choosing to view all women on an equal platform. But that can’t be done when ALL women aren’t being treated equally. It’s a dream and a goal for women and men to be treated equally, but it’s hard to keep up that fight with feminism when there’s not even equality being maintained there. The way we stop it is by hearing out the voices of women of color, and by allowing others to hear them too. When we speak up on the injustices between men and women, we must also do so for the injustices between white people and people of color as they are so deeply connected. Women are not all white, in fact, majority aren’t. So when we see feminism being represented as a fight made up of white women or fighting for their rights more than anyone else’s, we know that it is not a fair fight.


One thing is definitely for certain: feminism is about equality – and equality is about the fair treatment of EVERYONE no matter skin color, gender, or religion. There is no nitpicking with feminism. When you stand for an entire gender’s rights, you stand for the rights of all races and backgrounds of that gender – and that is definitely something that needs to be enforced more.

Written by Dorothy Lydia


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