To Masters or Not to Masters: Should That Be The Question?

I am, viagra dosage it was a great experience for me. I studied something I was passionate about, I met great people, formed amazing friendships, had plenty of personal growth inducing experiences and also had my fair share of mishaps and disappointments that really helped mould who I am as a person. The investment I decided to make was definitely worth the time, money and energy I put into it and, overall, I’m quite happy with my University experience. However, life after University is proving to be a scary and confusing experience. While University was, in general, a really positive experience, there were plenty of stressful times, and, plenty of times where I questioned the decision I had made. Most of us feel like we have no other choice than to go into higher education, it hammered into our heads that that is the only path if we want to become successful or work in our desired fields. Adding that to the pressure of achieving good grades, the toll University can have on one’s mental health is quite terrifying, or, at least, it definitely was scary for me.

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Now that University is ending, a question imposes itself into the lives of so many of my classmates: where to go from here? Most of us feel pressured into continuing our academic careers due to an ever growing job market that is increasingly competitive in contrast with the often scarceness of decent jobs for recent graduates. So, is doing a Master’s degree the only option for those now finishing their Bachelor’s? This question has plagued not just me, but many of my friends, for months now and I can see, once again, the toll that it is taking on our mental health. Why do we feel cornered into having all the answers when most of us are just now discovering who we are? We were forced to, essentially, decide our careers at 18, and now, we are asked to do it again – only this time the stakes are higher. There is more money, time and energy to be invested. So, why do so many of us feel like doing a Master’s is the only choice? Why do we need to have the answers to our futures condensed into an academic timeline instead of having it in our own hands?

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We need to know that there are other resources available to us. You have internships, work experiences, gap years, diving into the job market. All of these are good choices if they are good choices for you. Your 20’s are a time for question marks, not exclamation points. We have so much time to figure out who we are and what we want, we should feel free to explore and wander around, searching for the answers that will make sense to us. How can we be expected to determine what the rest of our lives will be like if most of us are only now starting to realise what we want? Higher education isn’t the only answer – and that is something that I’ve been telling myself lately. When that stopped being the only question I was focused on, the windows of opportunity started opening left and right. I wasn’t bound by having the next moments of my life set into a time frame, I was free to go and explore what I wanted to do. And now, as I’m approaching the end of my academic life – for now, anyway – I find myself being excited at what life has to throw at me. I’m ready to pick up and get started. I hope you find that too.

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Written by Inês Mendonça

Instagram: @_tinypieces


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