The Struggle of Being a Feminist In Love

Disclaimer: Thoughts are of a heterosexual female account and may not reflect similar thoughts to those of different sexual preference or gender.


I’m sure most women like me, ambulance who feel quite strong and independent or have strong feminist views, get quite frustrated with the feelings of love and desire.

Do you get angry thinking, why as a strong woman, am I letting “men” affect my feelings or emotions? Does that make me weaker? Does that make me less of a feminist?

Unfortunately, I do not have the answer, but if a lot of us feel a similar way it’s down to our struggles with control. After years of trying to find balance and promote equality, letting a guy inside your head must be quite infuriating right? At the end of the day, we are human, and we have feelings. We have desires. We have urges. We feel love. We feel hurt. We feel happy. And everything we feel, we are meant to feel.

What I would say to my fellow strong women who fall weak to emotions, is that you are not weak because you allow yourself to feel. You would be weak if you did not let yourself feel, let yourself be human, and let yourself heal. Being able to let yourself go through your emotions is STRONG! Sometimes, letting yourself lose control makes you a stronger person, and regardless of the outcome, at least you let yourself feel something. A lot of the time people find it harder to deal with situations because they bottle up their emotions and do not allow themselves, to then heal.


Oh you beautiful strong women, you’re not stupid for falling in love! You are not weak for allowing yourself to get hurt! Everything happens for a reason. Every reason has a meaning and the earthly powers are working around you in order to help you make decisions that help you to learn and grow.

You should have confidence in your feelings and make decisions which consider them. This is the only way to determine what is right for you. What may seem right or wrong for others may not be the same right or wrong for you. Feelings are all subjective. What should make you feel strong is having confidence in your feelings, if you start to feel an emotion or make an action or decision, be confident in it.

I will end by telling you all to trust in your emotions. Trust in your feelings. Trust in you. How you feel is out of your control, but how you decide to deal with it is, and that will determine if you are strong woman or not. We all make crazy decisions and we can let love get to our head, but that is part of being human, and not because you are a weak woman!

Keep being you, and love yourself. Accept and acknowledge your feelings, and emotions, and love the outcomes. If you have to heal then love the healing, and growth that comes from it! You are still that strong independent feminist – difference is you’ve allowed yourself to love.


Blessings, Neo x

Written by Neo Seoul

Twitter: @NeoSeoul

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