The Skinny Girl’s Vantage Point

Here is the unexpected. The article on body shaming you probably never wanted, about it but I encourage you to read: from the “skinny” girl’s vantage point.

It has always saddened me to see a lack of self-awareness some have when indulging in the self-entitlement to critique women. Whether it be the way I strut, information pills the clothes I drape over myself, approved or my society accepting body weight, constant assessments are made. Granted, unlike most body shaming, the post analysis statements are usually said with a hint of glory and a shy amount of disdain…but I am here to tell you, none of it is okay.

The Skinny Girl's Vantage Point

I am a very tiny woman, who by societal standards is perfect. This notion that one body image holds higher value than the other is disgusting in its own right, but when you speak on my behalf about the vessel I embody, I still feel objectified and shamed. I am one of the “lucky ones” and yet I still feel the effects of body shaming. In no way do I underestimate or grasp what other women go through who do not “fit” this imperfect and elusive mold. However, I do not need to in order to discern the ramifications on a primitive level. My life has conditioned me to accepting the “omg you’re so skinny”, “oh my! You need to eat”, and the ever popular “how do you stay so thin”. My conditioning has also validated your ability to say these things out loud. Apologies, it stops here.

The Skinny Girl's Vantage Point 2

Through my years I have been bullied, called anorexic, shamed and named every which way, but along this jaunt I have learned so much. Perceptions are impactful if you allow them to be, ideas are planted sentiments unless you let the seeds grow, people were born from insecurity and it is our job to relieve each other of that. No matter what your body type may be, the war against body shaming will be won. Continue to attack each day with kindness and appreciation even though you know the dark truth of societies judgments. I applaud you, beautiful, bold women.

The SKinny Girl's Vantage Point 3

The ability to observe the artistry of a woman’s body is a gift not a spectator’s sport. I am “lucky” enough to be socially accepted by the masses. I am “lucky” enough to know that words are hollow unless I give them depth. I am “lucky” enough to understand that emotional deflection is real, and usually where body shaming stems from. I encourage those so eager to place their opinions on an open platform to halt, for just a moment. Please, stop thinking your outward opinion is of use or validation to someone’s life, including your own. We all affect each other in such a real way, be kind with that knowledge.

Written by Brittni Alahmar

Instagram: @britbomberr

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