The Haunting Reality of Peele’s Get Out

*Some spoilers ahead*

First things first, approved you need to see the $111.1 million (USD) to-date box office smash that is Jordan Peele’s brain child. Get Out is a masterfully ironic, viagra 60mg cautionary tale that perfectly balances the scary reality that the real monsters aren’t hiding under the bed- sometimes they walk among us.

This movie was a frigid glass of reality presented at what seems like the new boiling point of this country. Countless think pieces have broken down both blatant and subtle themes woven throughout the movie and the parallels to this sunken place, sales that is currently real life in this country. One of the most striking themes in Get Out that stuck out to me was the almost cavalier way law enforcement reacts to people begging for answers on the missing black bodies of their friends and loved ones.

Get Out 1

The first scene of the movie is of a black man, lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, trying to find his way back to his safe space. He jokes on the phone to his friend that “he needs to get up out this white folk’s neighborhood before he goes missing.” He even reroutes himself when he realizes that he’s being followed and it wasn’t enough, giving me flashbacks to Trayvon Martin and how he was brutally murdered just trying to get back home. In the movie and in real life, neither of them make it home.

Get Out 3

Why that is poignant: there have been a string of missing girls being amplified across social media in the Bronx, DC, and many other cities. There is outrage running rampant within minority communities that there are no amber alerts, no breaking news pieces that demanding to know where these girls are. Family and friends of these missing young ladies fuming that every news channel would be screaming about the sheer number of girls missing if they were white.

If they were white, the media would care.

It would be irresponsible to not mention the very real sex trafficking rings happening in big cities. Numerous publications helmed by poc (people of color) have done the research, given the stats. I have watched in real time as Black Twitter pooled their resources together to locate recently missing women and children who ended up in situations that could’ve quickly escalated.

Because if we don’t care about our own, who will?

Get out 2

Also, worth noting, HBO is going to be running a special on Henrietta Lacks; who had her cells stolen by doctors and used as the backbone in vaccines and treatments for numerous illness and diseases because her cells were thought to be “immortal”. This thought process was also explored in Get Out.

This idea that black bodies are just so much more than that of their counterparts that there is a booming black market on black organs because they are thought to be stronger. Skin stolen for its melanin. Body injections to mimic the very real features on bodies.

Everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black.

As was seen in the movie, the very essence of the people who hate black and brown bodies were placed into them because those very same black and brown bodies were strong enough to survive the lobotomy needed to promote continuity… much like the history of how this country was built in the first place.

The people tasked to “serve and protect” looking the other way and making light of real pain. In the movie, Chris raises his hands in the air when he sees the police car pulling up. He knows that even though his life is in danger, he still isn’t safe at all. In a way, police sirens are our metaphorical teacup, holding us captive in the ‘sunken place’ of being done wrong and not being able to do anything about it.Get Out

Jordan Peele’s masterfully woven comparisons between art and real life are haunting.

Terrifying even.

Written by Aubri Elle

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