The Double Standard of Infidelity in the Industry

2018 has definitely been a year of monumental highs and lows for Cardi B. With her debut album followed by number one singles, numerous feuds, a new baby, five Grammy nominations, and now an impending divorce from her husband, rapper Offset, it has been one rocky road for the singer.

Recently, Cardi announced that she and Offset were separating in a now-deleted Instagram post; this caused a few raised eyebrows as many believed it to be a publicity stunt. However, after considering the reoccurring problem of Offset cheating during their relationship and the couple’s whirlwind romance, it was clear to see why she had decided to call things quits.

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Despite Cardi ignoring several of Offset’s past public apologies, his latest stunt involved him crashing her set as she was headlining the Rolling Loud Festival this a couple of weeks ago. With flowers, cake and a “take me back” banner, Offset attempted to apologise to Cardi on stage which was met with frustration from her and outrage by her fans. As the first female headliner in the festival’s history, this was Cardi’s moment to shine, yet the occasion was completely overshadowed by his stunt.

Although Offset’s public manipulation of Cardi’s emotions is a cause for concern, the unwavering support he has received from other men in the rap industry is more alarming. For example, earlier that evening, fellow rapper, 21 Savage brought Offset on stage with him at the same festival and led the crowd into a chant of “Cardi take Offset back.” Btw this is the same 21 Savage that publicly dissed his ex, Amber Rose after she publicly professed her love, saying she wanted him back. He responded with, “Once you cross me, I’m done.” Also supporting the foolery, the Game took to Instagram supporting Offset, uploading a video, saying that they’re a “family unit” and he believed that, “Cardi B without Offset is like Jay Z without Beyonce.” In addition, T.I claimed, “Nobody’s perfect,” and 50 Cent told Cardi, “That’s a cute outfit but you gotta go home, that Boy loves you girl.”

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I can not be the only one confused.

Where is this energy when a woman cheats? 

It’s enraging seeing this sort of behaviour, particularly from men who we all know would not withstand the same actions from a woman. If the situation were reversed, Cardi would have quickly been branded “psycho” and worse by these same people. 

Let’s rewind a couple years back when Kehlani was accused of cheating on  Kyrie Irivng. The hate she received from the industry and the world was beyond uncalled for. People showed up to her concerts giving literal death threats and screaming “Kyrie” to disrupt her. In addition, people immediately branded her a hoe by commenting on her pictures from Insta. And not too long after, Kehlani attempted suicide and was hospitalized. However, instead of empathy, she recieved bullying. Singer, Chris Brown mocked her claiming she only did it for sympathy.

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It was later revealed that Kehlani had never cheated on Irving, and he apologized to her earlier this year for all that she went through.. nearly two years later. 

This played out narrative of a ride or die has to end. It’s tiring. It’s dead. It’s dumb. A woman staying through a man’s serial cheating proves absolutely nothing. No woman should be expected to prove the validity of her love by how much she’ll stay through because no one should be forced to endure that. It’s idiotic and beyond selfish; especially considering that men are not expected do the same. This toxic ideology only ends up hurting a woman’s mental state in the end. Why waste your time in an unloving, unhealthy relationship when you could be with someone who realizes your worth from the start? 

2019 will be the year women realize their worth and the overhype of being a ride-or-die. I’m speaking it to existence. The industry can get with it, or get left behind because we’re absolutely done. 


Written by Aisha Rimi, Edited by Nia Quinn

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