Naomi Campbell Meets Sadiq Khan for British Vogue

City Hall. Central London. Dressed in an Alexander McQueen powersuit, Naomi Campbell met Sadiq Khan for the first New Vogue discussion interview. A momentous occasion with two, iconic British Citizens, yet, I was sceptical. Sceptical that the new British Vogue interview would be yet another bland, boring fashion video. However, I was greatly surprised after intently watching the entire 9-minute video. It’s fair to say, it strayed far from the typical, “what’s in my bag” style, dull YouTube video.

The engaging interview went beyond just fashion and touched upon the major issues that exist in London today. From Brexit, to combating terrorism, to gay pride. But it was the light-hearted introduction which revealed the unlikely parallels that run between the British Pakistani Mayor and British Jamaican Supermodel, Naomi Campbell. The pair shone light on their humble beginnings in South London discussing their similar upbringing in the 70’s, and reminiscing on sense of solidarity that engulfed their multi-cultural community during the leadership of Margret Thatcher.

The uplifting beginning was met with an important reminder that this great togetherness is vital in today’s London. Fighting the biggest global issue today: terrorism, can only be overcome if we remain resilient, strong and obtain the same sense of solidarity that existed in the 70’s. The mayor also discussed Brexit. While the topic of Brexit is regularly confined to the discussions of older, politicians, and usually men, Sadiq Khan opened up the discussion in an informative, relatable way. He explained the economic and cultural importance of EU citizens living in the UK- the talent they bring, the jobs they work and the industries they help to uphold- without them our London wouldn’t work the same way. Khan suggested that we are in an era of big change. It is evident in the interview that he is shaping London in the best it can be for citizens.

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But a shift in discussion saw Campbell and Khan discuss the empowering attitude New Vogue and London has towards individuality. “If you are different you’re respected, celebrated and embraced”, said the Mayor proudly in the interview. This struck a chord in me: Black, White, Asian, Gay, Bi-sexual and free. We take our granted our freedom to express our true selves. In our country, especially in the Capital, we are lucky to live in a society which accepts us for who we truly are. Like Khan said, we are not only “Tolerated” but quite rightly, “respected, celebrated and embraced”. These three words really chime in the sound of British Vogue’s new voice and resonate in the papers of their magazine. Both Sadiq and Vogue send out an important message that we should embrace our richly diverse communities, and like the Mayor partaking in the Gay Pride march, we should consciously make the correct steps towards a welcoming and proud country.

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It is clear that Vogue is channeling this sense of true British pride in their magazine, with a showcase of our best talent from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Edward Enninful has realigned Vogue so its content is appealing to the new, next generation of readers, enabling them to engage and connect with the publication. It is evident in the interview that this New Vogue has overnight evolved into a magazine which has its finger firmly on the pulse of London, just like it’s mayor. Sadiq Khan represents a New London. A New London which is in touch with a New Vogue.

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Written by Angelee Kholia

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