Let’s Talk About Teamwork

The idea of making it all on your own may seem sweet. Being a lone wolf might sound badass, and being the only person at the top might give you that extra bit of power. But, is it worth it? Maybe we don’t have to go it all alone. No successful person has ever said they “made it on their own” – they’ve always had a crew of people behind them holding them up. Yes, they may have chosen their career, and motivated themselves, but they definitely had a team of people lifting their spirits and supporting them when they didn’t want to carry on. And perhaps the people who claim to have made it on their own are ignoring a whole host of people behind the scenes and are dismissing what they’ve done.

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Doing it all on your own sounds kind of lonely. It’s nice sometimes not to rely on anyone for anything, but celebrations and successes are so much sweeter when you’ve got people to share them with, and when you know you’ve all contributed and done it well. As Ron Swanson says, “don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” The ‘lone wolf’ is actually the outcast; the one that’s left behind. We’re pack animals, and we’re built to connect. So why do we have such trouble with sharing the load? It’s hard to make mistakes and see the humanities in other people when we’re so used to putting up walls and hiding behind edited versions of ourselves, and it’s so much harder to be generous with ourselves when we insist on not giving ourselves a break.

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Similarly, for the feminist movement to progress, we must embrace the radical powers of support and love in order for us to move upwards. Support your sisters! Because whether we believe it or not, we’re all in this together. Teamwork is so great and it doesn’t make your successes count any less. SO many movements wouldn’t have been half as impactful if people had decided to try it all on their own and not ask for a leg up. Perhaps we could actually get more done if we were content with sharing the load a little more. “Behind every strong woman is a ton of dope ass women,” as they say!


Written by Rochelle Asquith 

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