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Are you taking “mommy me-time”? You should be!

Are you taking “mommy me-time”? You should be!

Siobhan knows how important it is to make time for yourself, in particular, to take mommy me-time,not because she’s a therapist…or a doctor…or even a masseuse—but because she’s the mother to three little energy bunnies under age 10.

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We’re rocked by mom guilt. Even before the days of parenthood we’re ridden with the guilt of work or a misstep in life. We pile on plans that overwhelm us and set us up for failure—arriving late, missing deadlines, not being able to meet goals. But feeling bad about little things (and allowing those feeling to linger) fuels negative energy, stress and even thoughts of being less-than. Crazy schedules and absurd self-expectations backfire in our goal of revealing our best self. When we screw up, we always say we’ll try harder or that we’ll do more, but the real solution may just be finding time to relax. After childhood, being a little bit spoiled gets a bad rap—even when it’s with own hard-earned cash. But is that another thing to feel guilty about? Hell no! Now is the time to stop bending before you break. Take charge of your mental health, plan some mommy me-time, and start it by repeating after me: “I deserve this.”

These days, stress starts even early. Kids are piling on more at a younger age—which leads to burnout at a younger age. It’s great to have lots of hobbies and enroll in challenging classes, but we have to remember to invest in ourselves outside of a competitive, stress-filled environment. Jogging, yoga, and massages are all healthy activities where you can focus on yourself and find centering tranquillity. Another great option for feeling refreshed is mediation. You’re probably hearing a lot about it these days, but it isn’t just trendy, it’s proven to create calm and focus. And all it requires is mental peace and quiet. Block out a short time to break away from cranky kids and pinging text messages to find your zen.

LAPP The Brand, mommy me-time, LAPP, Leomie Anderson, parenting, health, relaxation


For more creative efforts, turn to our subject Siobhan. As overjoyed as she was after the birth of her third child, she also felt exhausted and a little bit overwhelmed. Needing an escape, and some mommy me-time of her own, she confidently decided to put herself first for a single day by setting up a glamorous photoshoot, with wardrobe styling, hair and makeup. Having a lavish day dedicated to herself, she knew it was all worth it when she left refreshed with her spirits at an all-time high. The indulgence actually made her feel more present with her children and husband and happier overall.

Siobhan’s advice for other moms:
“Practice self-love as much as you can”

“Me-Time” Photoshoot Credits:

Photographer & Videographer: Adam Jackson

Wardrobe: Virlé Cole 
IG @virlecole

Make-Up Artist: Doshia Kelly
IG @doshia_monae_artisty


Written by Bettina Coleman & Genneya Rochelle  

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