Are Contemporary Weddings The New Norm?

For so long, weddings have been the designated event in which individuals are expected to maintain traditional norms. Without a second thought, society has taught us that a bride wears a white dress on her big day, alongside something blue and something old. Whilst the groom requires a best-man, as well as a team of groomsmen. These conventions have become a no-brainer, that exists as part of a universal status-quo. But how long are these standards set to last for?

With a rise in contemporary weddings, and not merely regarding the decor, but concerning the main conventions themselves, it seems as though wedding norms are gradually being dissipating, as individuals take the reins on factors which emulate their personal style!

For instance, singer, songwriter, and actress Solange, completely broke the status-quo by sporting a daring yet trendy jumpsuit on her wedding day in replacement of a dress. The perfect selection for an untraditional bride who is bypassing traditional norms and playing by her own rules. Fashion has always been the mouthpiece which screams and sheds light on an individual's character. We have always had this perception from society that we must express our individuality through fashion as a means to communicate our creativity and persona to the T; as we so rightfully should. However, it seems as though conventional wedding attire has always been the silent exception nobody would dare to modify. Despite the fact that extravagant princess dresses and long trail trumpet gowns have often been deemed as the ideal and perfect wedding look, Solange’s bridal jumpsuit shows that there are many unconventional option that are just as ‘perfect’ and ‘acceptable’.


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The ‘Jack and Jill’ party is another unorthodox matter that is taking the pre-matrimonial principles by storm; comprising of a joint wedding shower. Gone are the days when the bride and groom would merely have a private bachelor and bachelorette party! A coed function seems to be the way forward now, as many couples indulge in the simplicity and beauty of having both parties mix together, to celebrate the beginning of a new era in marriage.

There are also intriguing changes in groom parties, whereby grooms 'men' are being casually substituted for groom 'women’. Imagine if your bestie or close counterpart is a female, but since societal norms have trained and convinced us that the groom must have a groomsman, one may feel somewhat obliged to go by these traditional standards and expectations. Nonetheless, people are beginning to think outside the box, by adapting their own customs in replacement of traditional norms, in ways they deem appropriate for their big day.

Overall, contemporary weddings appear to be sparking a major shift within the dynamics of fashion, decor, and bridal/groom party arrangements, as it reemphasises the fact that the lines between modern-and-contemporary and traditional norms are being blurred. Most importantly, it begs the question regarding whether we are to expect further extravagant changes in our ever changing society.

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Written by Nicole Biredu


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