Liam Neeson Once Attempted to Bring Taken to Life

Actor Liam Neeson made a shocking revelation to The Independent. In an interview published today by the publication, Neeson revealed that he once walked the streets for over a week with a cosh (heavy stick to bludgeon someone) looking for a “black bastard” to kill. After someone close to him was raped, he felt he needed to attain revenge. I think the question on everyone’s mind right now is simply, “What the fuck?”

The agitating headline for the interview read, “Liam Neeson interview: Rape, race and how I learnt revenge doesn’t work” with a nauseating introduction painting a movie-like scene. Neeson seeking revenge for his wronged friend by “roaming the streets” filled with “brutal racist thoughts” and a weapon ready to kill anyone who was black and set him off. Although brutality against black bodies is often normalized within the media, this was hard to process. To see his despicable confession practically romanticized by an interviewer portraying Neeson in an almost vigilante-like image is cringeworthy to say the least. 

Source: The Independent

After the admission, Neeson goes on to explain how “horrible” it is and seems just as shocked at the fact that he even said it out loud. He tells the interviewer, “I’ve never admitted that, and I’m saying it to a journalist. God forbid.” You would think after this he would maybe apologize at how wrong the story sounds. Maybe try to explain why going out with the intention of antagonizing and killing a possibly innocent black man is wrong? But no. He instead chooses to seek sympathy by playing the I-had-a-rough-childhood card. Neeson recounts that he grew up in Northern Ireland in  the “Troubles.” I’m sorry, but I’m having problems finding the correlation?

I understand that it must have been been heartbreaking to discover something this horrible happened to someone you love. However, to admit that he went out looking to kill a “black bastard” just to seek revenge speaks volumes. Imagine had he gone through with it. An innocent black man’s  life would have been lost due to a vengeful racist. How little respect does he have to be able to admit that so freely in an interview?

In all honesty, the journalist who wrote the article shares some blame alongside Neeson. The entire interview was a mess. After documenting his absurd, racist confession, she asked readers to “think of the circumstance” surrounding Liam’s club-wielding caucasian craziness, and we all are- under what circumstance is it okay to go out with the intention of killing someone because they match the image in your head? Instead of holding Neeson accountable, she gave him a scapegoat. 

All I know is that people have a lot to say on this topic, but the current consensus reads: Cancelled. 

Written by Leomie Anderson 

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