A World Without Wi-Fi; What Would Your Life Look Like?

Life without Wi-Fi is pretty hard to imagine. That all-too-familiar icon glows on nearly every device in our homes; from our phones, to our Broadband, to our speakers, and our TV’s. We use Wi-Fi in almost all aspects of our lives, whether it’s for social or work we’re connected in some way. Let’s take a step back, rewind the clocks and imagine a time without our trusted friend Wi-Fi. What would life look like, and where would the world be today? No more trendy internet cafes you can work in whilst simultaneously eating avocado toast, no more video streaming on-the-go and laughing at your favourite memes, no more hotspots and data-sharing – all in all our devices would become pretty useless. It’s safe to say that we’re addicted to Wi-Fi. So, are you more present IRL or URL? Have you lost yourself to the online world?

Real human connection and interaction is rare in today’s society, we’re spending more and more of our lives glued to a screen than we are out there in the big wide world. Having a good Wi-Fi connection is no longer a privilege, it’s essential and an everyday norm. Everywhere you go high-speed internet is available, you can even get Wi-Fi on the tube! On your daily commute you’re most likely listening to your favourite podcast or music; then once you get to work your sending emails, using Skype or FaceTime for video conferences, checking in on your social media and sending messages to friends/colleagues all whilst using Wi-Fi. A good Wi-Fi connection has obliterated the lines between work and home life, and whilst we have this amazing technology within our grasp we may be more disconnected than ever before. We spend more of our time talking to people online than we do in real life, once this habit becomes addictive it gets harder and harder to control. If there were less screens around to distract us and we went back to the days of real conversation and real interaction, we may start to be more present and live in the moment.


Being online means different things to different people, as we’re all slowly and steadily becoming digital natives (even our grandparents now own iPhone/iPads) it’s getting trickier to escape living in the digital hemisphere. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and good old YouTube have become our go-to gurus. We are so heavily reliant on Wi-Fi; from running businesses, to communicating with loved ones who live in faraway lands, to promoting ourselves and our work online, Wi-Fi has changed the way we do things. We’re spending more and more of our lives embedded in the digital world, and our will power tends to be weak when Wi-Fi is so easy to access. The World Wide Web has changed our outlook on life, and made dreams a reality that may not have been possible a decade or so ago. When it comes to the internet, the possibilities are endless and it’s what we do with our Wi-Fi signals that matter.

Living without Wi-Fi is something I don’t think we’ll ever have to endure, as the world becomes more dependent on this technology its now entrenched in our culture – it’s who we are. Having access to information at the click of a button is a modern-day privilege, we have Wi-Fi at our disposal and can use it for just about anything and everything if and when we choose. Life is all about balance, so to ensure you don’t lose yourself to the online world and stay present IRL signing off every now and again may not be such a bad idea. The world would arguably be a lot less vibrant without Wi-Fi and the web; it’s almost too easy to get caught up in the 24/7 demands of online life – so don’t forget to connect with those around you in real-life too.

Written by J’Nae Phillips

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