5 Gift Ideas From Black-Owned Businesses For This Holiday Season

As the holiday season is upon us, it's time to start figuring out what you're getting your loved ones this Christmas. The old saying about gifts states “It’s the thought that counts,” but it's not entirely true for us. We don't want (to receive or give) some generic gift, but some dope alternatives.

What better than a gift from a Black-owned business? Out there, there are both famous interesting brands, but also under-represented small businesses that make some truly great stuff.

By featuring 5 Black-owned brands we are only touching the tip of the iceberg. But regardless of whether you're hunting for the right item for an interior design aficionado, a beauty lover, or a fashionista, you're sure to find a thoughtful gift among our selection.



1. LAPP The Brand 

Established in 2016 by Leomie Anderson, LAPP The Brand was created to embody the 21st century girl and produce clothes that represent not only their style but their causes. LAPP The Brand is the ultimate in athleisure, it offers an assortment of sports bras, tops, leggings, tracksuits and more for all tastes and sizes. LAPP apparel has also been worn by many celebrities. 

The fashion products that you all can buy here, will help to sustain LAPP Magazine. The online magazine gives opportunities to young womxn of all walks of life to write about what’s really important to them, especially now, with the world in the midst of a pandemic and a reckoning with the systemic oppression of black people. It's a chance to speak up and to campaign on issues that matter to them, and therefore to us

Here at LAPP The Brand we pride ourselves in being a young, global, fiery community of womxn. We are a force of nature, we are a trusted place for womxn of all generations to freely share experiences and learn from each other. 

2. Edas 

Edas was created from an innovative standpoint, initially focusing on sustainability while using unusual home-goods and refurbished elements. Through the maturity of the brand, Edas now delivers feminine and staple accessories, accommodating the everyday, eclectic woman.

The brand creates each piece of jewelry by hand, and takes pride in seeing the hands of the craftsman within our pieces. Their signature is making each item one of a kind, and uniquely tailored to whoever chooses to wear it.

Sade Mims, head designer, has a strong interest in designing, creative directing, producing, event planning and writing. Incorporating each of these skills to produce quality work within her own designs, artwork and home accents. Each piece is made to be worn alone or paired, giving you a sense of customization and contrast. Edas strives to make women feel beautiful, one accessory at a time.

3. NWP

Established in 2016, NWP is synonymous with premium and uncompromising luxury. Primarily using silk-satins as the staple fabrics, the NWP brand is guided by a passion for the arts, travel and varying cultures. Taking inspiration from timeless fashion, NWP transforms traditional silhouettes and features into exquisite pieces for the modern woman. 

Designed in London, quality is at the foundation of each of NWP’s garments, as it believes this is integral to creating pieces with longevity. NWP is grounded by a love of designing for intelligent women, and it sees the fashion design and production process as a true labour of love that it nurtures through to fruition.

Although stylish, its collections don’t aim to follow the trends of the seasons, as they'd like to embrace slow fashion. NWP creates garments that elicit poise and an energy of luxury, the pieces are designed for women who have a quiet confidence, who are sensitive but strong and who are effortlessly elegant. NWP wants women to feel comfortable building a timeless wardrobe by wearing and re-wearing its pieces for years to come.

4. Our Lovely Goods 

Husband and wife, Ebi and Emmanuel Sinteh, are the founders of Our Lovely Goods. Together they have created a life and a business that celebrates the feeling of home.

The common thread running through everything they do is their Nigerian heritage. Ebi and Emmanuel both come from a culture rooted in gathering family, sharing food, good music, and a laid-back approach to life. Nigeria is a big source of inspiration for them, the sensory overload of colours, textures, and the unforgettable people.

They started making skincare and candles, using the best quality and purest ingredients they could find with scents inspired by a story, transporting people to a moment or place. Our Lovely Goods weaves together their passions for home, family, and heritage. The collection has grown to include homewares and baskets made in Nigeria, combining traditional craft with new designs. 

5. Pat McGrath Labs 

Pat McGrath is the world’s most influential and in-demand makeup artist. For over 25 years, McGrath’s creative vision has made her a tour de force whose legendary and creative power has transformed both beauty and fashion on a global scale. Throughout her illustrious career, Pat McGrath has been recognized around the world with some of the most prestigious honours and accolades. 

While setting the global beauty trends and elevating the art of makeup for decades within the fashion industry’s most demanding environments – backstage at runway presentations for the most iconic couturiers and coveted international brands – Pat McGrath has been formulating and perfecting her must-have collection of high-performance cosmetics, culminating in the launch of her eponymous brand, PAT MCGRATH LABS.

Since 2015, PAT MCGRATH LABS has continued to launch obsession-worthy cosmetics, collaborations and curations that have pushed the boundaries of beauty like no other brand in the world.

Written by Miriam Tagini 

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