Introducing The Nuditee Collection by LAPP The Brand

LAPP The Brand is so excited to unveil its third female focused clothing drop, website like this  The Nuditee Collection, a t-shirt line aimed at starting conversations on how society views the female body when it’s nude. Some people have actually asked me why I, a model, am doing a collection featuring what society refers to as “real women” and my response is what is a real woman? Why is it seen as such a big deal for me to have a certain body type on my clothing? Why are people so confused at seeing pubes?!

The Nuditee Collection featured at our event at Nike

Why is it that when I wear a tee with nude, slim girl on it, or small exposed breasts or butts no one says anything but as soon as I started wearing my Nuditee Collection, people would be surprised and point out the fact that the illustration had pubes or back fat, things that are seen on women every single day? I loved the fact that, in wearing the tee, I could start a conversation about how we as individuals, whether we realise or not, have internalised views of what is acceptable when it comes to the nude form of a woman.

Illustration by Richie Hines

I worked with Model and artist Richie Hines on the illustrations and remember her even saying how drawing the illustrations made her confront her internalised views of what female form is deemed acceptable on clothing. Big breasts are okay as long as the tummy is flat or the waist is little? Naked ass is totally acceptable on a tee as long as it resembles a video girl; no cellulite or flatness? As much as nudity and #freethenipple have become movements within themselves, what about the everyday woman body? Are they not a part of these movements? What about plus sized women who aren’t Ashley Graham?

The Nudity Collection was created to challenge these questions and start conversations about how open we actually are as a society when it comes to women bodies. The Nuditee Collection is available for Pre Order here, Limited numbers available, get yours now!

Written by Leomie Anderson

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