Introducing the LAPP The Brand / Nike Beautiful x Powerful Look Book

We are excited to reveal that we have teamed up with Nike to celebrate their latest ‘Beautiful x Powerful’ collection featuring the Nike Cortez for a project that aims to represent all women and show them that you do not have to fit into the cookie cutter mould that society places on us. As women we are told to act lady like, pilule smile, not be too loud; not be true to ourselves in the name of being accepted- we are here to tell you that you don’t need to do any of these things to be beautiful or powerful.

Our look book girls Bree Runway, Erika Bowes and myself Leomie Anderson each represent someone who is going against the grain of what society expects them to be and aren’t shy about it, something we hope is passed on to everyone that comes across LAPP The Brand and our look book with Nike!

We are hosting our very first LAPP Link Up with Nike at their King’s Road store on the 13th of June, if you missed the RSVP (we sold out in ten minutes!) you can follow us on Facebook and check out the live stream! There will be a panel discussion with each of the look book stars discussing how they stay true to themselves in a society that silences women. Check out our look book below:

Shot by, Misha Meghna

Styled by, Leomie Anderson

Featuring up and coming LAPP Track Collection and Nudi-tee Collection from LAPP The Brand.

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