How Social Media Can Help Young Designers in the Fashion Industry

In today’s society, it is becoming much easier to communicate with people and develop a fan base, with the help of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube etc.) you can attract an audience from all over the world. The more your following develops the more you are able to connect and meet people along the way. With a strong online presence, you are able to connect and socialise with more like-minded people that share the same vision as yourself.

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Source: Jennifer Diakesse

The development of social media and the Internet has enabled people to take control of their own exposure by creating their own platform. By creating your platforms you have the ability to advertise and market yourself to your own desired target market. Essentially, social media has cut out traditional fashion marketing companies, and now you can independently promote and sell your work directly from online. Here are a few top tips on how you can use social media to help you showcase yourself:

Consumer Power
Through being able to promote your work you can also accumulate customers who are interested in buying the designs which you create! There are hundreds of people that have strong media presence who have been able to build an empire on their own.

Using Hashtags helps increase the awareness of the images/post to people who may not necessarily have come across your page previously. Make sure it links to what you are trying to promote, e.g for fashion design you can hashtag #fashiondesign #fashionlovefashionstyle #instastyle #instadaily #ootd etc.

Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

Authenticity and Consistency
Be authentic in what you want to present to people. It is highly important, as people will able to sense whether you are passionate or authentic. As you are presenting your vision through social media it’s opening up a great way for an online portfolio while sharing your fashion design journey. Consistency is something that goes hand in hand along with authenticity. You need to keep your audience engaged, the average Instagram account has over 500 followings, this means your online presence has to be strong enough to make an impression.

And some quick top tips…

-Use apps such as Twitter and Instagram to gain a following

– Use Youtube to broadcast your work

-Post consistently on relevant topics

-Remember, quality over quantity

– Use social media platforms to seek ideas and communicate with other designers to share ideas

-Use Hashtags!

LAPP, LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, social media, young designers

Source: Jennifer Diakesse

Be determined to achieve your goals, stay focused and motivated in the toughest of times and remember that positive thoughts become positive outcomes. Your passion will resonate with people, as you are being authentic and true to yourself whilst you bring something new and creative to the social media world- no one can create the way you do. I have one quote which I would like to share with you which is to “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” Make sure that you have strong content and direction for what you want to present to your target audience. This will then enable people who like what you are posting to follow you and beyond.

This will then allow like-minded people to start a journey with you, and one day you may be able to convert them into customers. It all starts with a follow.

Peace and love.


Written by Jennifer Diakiesse

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