Fashion That Can Actually Save The World

We’re all aware that climate change is happening and that it would be good if we all became a bit more sustainable. The whole sense of impending doom and the planet getting hotter and hotter evokes ideas of the world imploding of erupting into a ball of flames. It can get a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! There’s something you can do.Buy. Vintage. Clothes.


Making small changes to our lifestyles can have a big impact and changing the source of your clothes is one of them. The era of fast and cheap fashion has lead to some pretty unethical situations. Using shit tons of natural resources, see sweatshops, pilule underpaying staff, factories that pump out polluting gases…looking at you Primark.

I’m not hating on affordable and fashionable clothes (I buy them myself). And let’s be honest some thing you just gotta buy new, so this isn’t about renouncing shops altogether but just branching out a little. We can’t ignore the negative effects of the mass production of clothes. Buying second hand and vintage clothing can help to counteract this pressing problem. And, no, this doesn’t mean buying itchy jumpers from charity shops with questionable looking stains. Not-so-new clothes can be cool.  Honestly.

If we buy pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories we don’t have to feel guilty about funding  a shady corporate giant or wonder if it was a poorly treated sweatshop worker that made our new PVC trousers. Second hand clothes are almost always cheaper, meaning you get way more stuff for less money. With the trend for that vintage and retro look going strong, now is the best time to get in on ethical shopping.

But how? Here’s a few ideas.

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I cannot express my love for this app enough. Sell your old clothes, buy other people’s. Literally loads and loads of really fucking amazing and often very cheap clothes. You name it, it’s on Depop. There’s even a lot of brand new unworn clothes, it just about things not going to waste. It’s super easy to use and 100% apart of the ethical clothing agenda.


You never know what you’ll find. Yes, there can be some dodgy stuff but amongst the crap can be a piece of gold. Vintage designer for a fiver? Yes plz. And obviously, you’re giving to charity so that definitely raises you to angel status.

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Have to admit, I’m not always a fan of these. They can be a bit overpriced and the salespeople a bit judgy – but I’m not ruling them out. Amazing one off pieces can be found and not always with a hefty price tag. Worth a look for sure.


You just can’t beat a good car boot. By far the most cheap and interesting on this list. Just wait for warmer weather and the car boot season begin (usually April/May but differs from area to area)

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A kilo of clothes for £15!!! These sales happen regularly, pretty much everywhere, usually in student unions. There’s basically a bunch of vintage clothes and you get a kilo of it for around £15. Search ‘vintage kilo sale’ into google or Facebook to see if there’s one near you.

THRIFTING (if you’re in America)

Honestly, Goodwill sounds like the place of dreams. I’ve only heard about it, but it sounds amazing.

Adding any of these things into your normal shopping route can make a difference so get on it gals. Save money, get cool clothes and save the world.

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