Fashion: it’s what you know not what you can afford

Fashion can sometimes feel like a hard industry to build interest in and understand. It’s quick paced, full of different, established and emerging designers and brands, and everyone has a different opinion, often it can feel like it’s all about who you know, not what you know. Fashion is often seen as exclusive to the people who can afford it, either the people in Gucci trainers and Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, or the ones who buy one off expensive high street pieces and combine them to create looks. But LAPP believes that fashion should be for everyone who wants to know about it, so we’ve listed our top tips for keeping up for free (or very cheap):

Reading fashion magazines online
I’m sure plenty of people already do, but this tip is to utilise fashion magazines’ websites as your source of fashion news, instead of spending money on actual magazines in stores. Besides, most mags end up posting similar articles to what they’ve included in their latest issue anyway, so you aren’t exactly missing out. Although there’s something special about paper copies of magazines, and being able to flick through them, the sites are free, with very similar content. It’s also better for the environment than buying and throwing away so much paper.

Going to free art galleries e.g. Tate modern
Easier said than done unless you already live in a city. However, art galleries give you an insight into artists (duh) that have inspired so much creativity in fashion, and a lot of contextual knowledge. A free way of immersing yourself in creativity.

Utilising social media
Follow designers, follow models, follow magazines, and follow fan pages. You’ll get so much extra info and behind the scenes footage! This helps so much with contextual knowledge of different brands etc. The only thing I don’t do personally is follow many brands, because I can’t afford their stuff and it makes me sad (lol).

Find dupes of high street pieces for cheaper high street prices
Countless ‘fashion on a budget’ articles/vids will tell you how to swap a very expensive designer piece for a dupe of a high street piece which is equally out of your budget (£50+ is not cheap however you try and frame it). Best tip, take the Topshop/Urban Outfitter dupes, and find dupes of them. Whether that’s in Primark, New Look, ASDA bloody Living or the Missguided sale.

Know your opinions are valid
Fashion is subjective and your thoughts and opinions, as long as they aren’t offensive, are valid. That counts for if you work in the industry and have a lot of knowledge on the subject, or if you just read Glamour every now and then. Believe in what you have to say and know it’s important.

It’s true that when it comes to fashion, it’s what you know and more importantly how passionate you are, that truly counts. Wearing a designer does not equate to knowledge of their importance and significance, or a love for their specific work. But fashion can feel notoriously hard to understand and intimidating to begin an interesting in. Most of this derives from the high costs associated with fashion brands and mags. These tips are designed to help fashion seem slightly more accessible, whilst spending a little less money.

Written by Katherine Skippon

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