The Game is the Game: 5 Time the Kardashians & Jenners Took Their “Inspo” A Little Too Far


Kim Kardashian West has not been pleased with the constant knockoffs of her wardrobe being created by fast-fashion powerhouses.

The most recent knockoff came when she was spotted attending the Hollywood Beauty Awards in a vintage black Thierry Mugler dress. Overnight, Fashion Nova managed to make a complete replica ready to sell; this served as a last straw for Mrs. West. She quickly went to Twitter to express her frustration. 

This rant is comical for several reasons. How can you be so mad at the very company that your family frequently partners with? Not to mention the widespread rumor that you have a deal with them on the low? In addition, the Kardashian/Jenner family have a repeated history of stealing designs from less-known designers and artists, often being seen as culture vultures.

However, in honor of Mrs. West’s devastation, we have rounded up five times the family has copied and/or blatantly stole others’ designs and art.

1. November 2016: Kylie Is Accused Of Copying Makeup Artist, Vlada Haggerty’s Work.

When Kylie Cosmetics posted this campaign back in 2016, makeup artist, Vlada Haggerty immediately blasted Jenner and her company threatening to sue for copying her work. Realizing that Haggerty had a case, Kylie Cosmetics edited the caption crediting her before deleting the post entirely. However, Jenner did try to right her wrongs by posting Haggerty’s work on her personal Instagram stating it was “inspiring.” 

2. June 2017: Khloe Is Accused Of Ripping Off Designer, Destiney Bleu’s Bodysuit. 

This was all over Twitter. Destiney Bleu, owner of DBleudazzled, has designed clothes for Rihanna, Beyonce and more. She is known for her bodysuit and lingerie designs which Khloe ripped off. Back in 2017, Bleu accused Khloe of buying her designs only to use it for her clothing brand, Good American. However, Khloe and her team denied all claims and immediately sent Bleu a cease and desist. In the cease and desist, they claimed to not know who Bleu was or her brand. They said the design idea was inspired by Cher in the 1990s. Bleu then revealed documents showing proof of Khloe and her team trying to get in contact with her since November 2016 and purchasing quite a few items. 

3. June 2017: Kylie Is Accused Of Stealing Camo Designs From PluggedNYC.

Merely a week after Khloe received backlash, Kylie was called out by Tizita Balemlay, owner of PluggedNYC, for stealing her camo designs. Jenner allegedly bought their cargo camo-print pants along with several more pieces and wore them, only to use the designs for her clothing drop two weeks later. Balemlay quickly took notice of Jenner’s camo two-piece and provided screenshots showing email conversations between her and an employee of Jenner from May. The emails showed that Jenner had received pieces from PluggedNYC for a photoshoot, and she absolutely loved them (maybe a little too much).

4. December 2017: Kim Is Caught Stealing Designs From Comme Des Garcons And Vetements For Her Kid’s Clothing Line. 


This one is perhaps the most blatant. In late 2017, for her kid’s clothing line, Kids Supply, Kim ripped off a limited edition Comme des Garcons x Kosho & Co jacket. It is literally the exact same jacket. Colors. Design. Wording. Same everything. As if that was not enough, West also decided to rip a Vetements’ dress for North. Again, same exact dress. Sequins. Length. Back Cut-out. Everything. 

5. April 2018: Kim Is Accused Of Copying Mother, Pat McGrath. 

Last April, when KKW released her long-awaited eyeshadow palette, people quickly took notice of the electric blue shade, “Libra.” It highly resembled Mother, Pat McGrath’s blue shade, “Blitz Blue” from her Mothership I: Subliminal Palette. Not only was Kim’s color similar, but the position it held in her palette was the exact same as McGrath’s? And to further suspension, KKW Beauty’s campaign was strikingly similar to McGrath’s.

Mrs. West next time you decide to go on a rant and claim sympathy for the “blood, sweat, and tears of true designers,” please make sure to review you and your family’s track record before doing so. It is not easy being a creative. If you feel extremely “inspired” by something, give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge the designers and/or artists work, and maybe even hire the creative. It will not only make your designs stronger, but it will also help propel the creative and widen their platform and career. There is coin for everyone. 

Written by Tolu Martins and Nia Quinn 

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