5 Up-and-Coming Female Rappers You Need to Know

When you think of the women who dominated the hip-hop genre in the 90s and early 2000s, rappers such as Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill pop into your mind. Around this time every female rapper had a seat at the table. Everyone had their chance to shine, even at times when they were pitted against each other. However, nowadays, it has become more of a struggle for multiple female rappers to coexist with one another without being dismissed or compared. Even in a time, where the new male rappers sound entirely the same with little to no media debates. Yet it’s a completely different narrative for these female artists.

This is evident with rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. They are constantly being compared and brought up within the conversation of female rap. While these two women are breaking records and setting the bar at an all-time high, there are a lot of female rappers who go unnoticed. Because of this, the industry lacks the multifaceted stories that new female rappers share within their music.

To challenge this narrative, we are covering five new female rappers on the rise to stardom.



With her raspy voice and smooth flow, this Bronx beauty will remind you of your favourite old school rappers in songs like “Give Her Some Money” and “Gwapamole.” However, you would never expect this rapper to have the squeakiest voice irl with the sweetest personality to match (just check her ig, if you don’t believe us). Her backstory is not like the others. In an interview with Nessa On Air, the rapper said she was in and out of gangs and got sent to Rikers Island for a week. She has also been on notable labels such as Ruff Rider and Island Def Jam and even auditioned for America’s Next Top Model.



This 23-year-old successfully balances life as a rapper and as a full-time senior student at Texas Southern University. The self-declared “H-town Hottie” exudes power within her music while challenging double standards inside her sexually-liberated songs, like “Big Ole Freak” and “WTF I Want.” Her confidence oozes throughout her music. She once stated in an interview that she is cocky and confident [in her music] and wants others to feel the same way when listening to her.



This mysterious Brooklyn rapper likes to keep her identity to herself. However, she reveals glimpses of her life within her music. Leikeli has stated she just wants people to focus on her sound. Hence why she covers her face. “Girl Blunt,” “Money” and “Tic Boom” are just a few songs by her that will liven up your playlists.



With a fusion between rock and hip-hop, this eccentric 21-year-old rapper will have you screaming her lyrics at the top of your lungs. With her unapologetic anthems like “Bitch I’m Nasty” and “Smack A Bitch,” she has become one rapper that you definitely should not mess with. Although she does not like talking about her past, it should be noted that she’s had to deal with the loss of her son’s father who she refers to as her best friend. He was unaware of her pregnancy before he passed. She pays homage to him with her song titled “Brandon.”



Whack started off with the name T Dizzle and was primarily known as a freestyle rapper in her home state of Philadelphia. She was recognized by other Philly natives like Meek Mill but after awhile of just being known as a freestyler Whack decided to reinvent herself into what she is now. With her alternative records and unique sound, Whack has been able to produce original work like “Hungry Hippo” and “Mumbo Jumbo.”


Written by Rosemary Akpan

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