Founded in September 2016, check LAPP was created to be a safe space on the internet free from the everyday negativity that you see surrounding women, especially online. LAPP gives women a platform to voice their stories and perspectives and has linked women all over the world not only through its blog aspect but the clothing too. The clothing aspect is all about voicing women’s issues through fashion which is why the Grab Back collection is dropping at such a crucial time.
Donald Trump is the most internationally recognisable face of misogyny and what he represents, especially in regards to his views and policies to do with women, is the exact opposite of what LAPP stands for. I saw a video of women protesting with the phrase that is adorned on the collection and really felt inspired by it; it’s not just an anti Trump collection, it is an anti misogyny collection against everything he represents in regards to women and marginalised communities alike.
Unlike the Consent Collection, this one is unisex as I feel you don’t have to be a woman to be anti- Trump or anti misogyny. His intended policies have the harshest effect on minority groups so I wanted to create something anyone who is against what he represents can wear.
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The first capsule collection by LAPP was inspired by an open letter I wrote on my own personal blog to my young female followers about consent and the right to say no. When I went to an all girls school in south London, I spoke to a group of students about the pressures they faced and a big one was peer pressure to do things they were not comfortable with, with bad decisions leading to even worse outcomes and it got me thinking- it was one of the biggest inspirations behind starting LAPP. I wanted to spread the message and reclaim the word ‘no’ for women and used phrases that women would use to express that. Read more about LAPP over on iD now!

Shot by Philipp Raheem


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