• A Breakdown of the U.K’s General Election

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    So its election time and 246,000 under 25s registered on the last day to be eligible to vote. (Millennials applying the “fashionably late” notion to all areas of life of course). But this massive rise isn’t surprising as you can’t go anywhere without hearing the words “Brexit”, “general election” or “Jeremy Corbyn”. Continue reading A Breakdown of the U.K’s General Election

  • What Does Proper Sexual Education Truly Entail?

    As someone who’s had very little sex in my lifetime I’m a little clueless when it comes to the act of sex, obviously. But at seventeen years old you’d expect me to be somewhat properly informed on sexual education right? wrong. I find myself constantly learning, hearing and seeing things about sex and my body in general that I just never knew about, and of course I won’t know everything but it’s clear a majority of these things I’m just learning I should have learned long ago.  Continue reading What Does Proper Sexual Education Truly Entail?

  • Light Skin Privilege

    There is this belief within some communities, that light skinned black people are “better” or “more attractive” than those with dark skin. Black men and women with light skin are fetishised by people not only within the black community, but also outside of these groups. These same people who fetishise light skinned individuals, vilify those with dark skin.  During my childhood, I always admired those with light skin, and refrained from sitting in the sun for too long, in case my skin became too dark. Though I have overcome this fear of the sun, the preference for light skin has been intensified by the popular use of Instagram and Twitter. Continue reading Light Skin Privilege

  • Lets talk about… Burnout

    I’d known my new doctor for a whole twelve minutes before he wiped away my tears with a tissue from his pocket. There was a fresh box on the desk between us, but even he knew that I didn’t have the energy or willpower to dry my own tears and calm myself down.

    He said he’d never seen anyone’s eyes as red as mine and the water he gave me was left touched but he understood how difficult it was for me to hold things without shaking. With my chest tightening and my mouth the driest it had ever been, I was punishing myself every second I went without a drink. But with absolutely zero fucks given about my own wellbeing, I knew something inside me cared because I was seeking medical help. Continue reading Lets talk about… Burnout