• This is what it’s like being a teenaged Mum

    “Hi, my names Michaela, I’m a young mum and I got pregnant at 17 years old.”

    What comes to mind? Hoe, Stupid, Selfish?

    75% of my pregnancy was spent hiding in my bedroom because of these judgements. I got called the above and worse. People would look at me in disgust and stare. Instead of ‘Congrats’ it would always be a question about my age. I didn’t want to be around any of my family because I felt like they were disappointed in me. I knew all my friends cared about was partying and makeup; I felt that I would be forgotten about in due time. People told me my life would be over and part of me believed them. It was an extremely hard time for me. Continue reading This is what it’s like being a teenaged Mum

  • What Does Brexit Mean for Women and Marginalised Communities

    Brexit has been without a doubt a tumultuous time for everyone who isn’t straight, white, rich and male. The uncertainty hasn’t been good for anyone, apart from the people peddling the lies about refugees, and misogyny. Plenty of other countries looked at our EU referendum in shock whilst we set ourselves on fire and poured all the water down the drain. Britain, the nation that was fooled by a big red bus. We’re currently in this weird kind of purgatory until Article 50 is triggered, and Theresa May is certainly up for dragging us along. But the question certainly on my mind is what will this all mean for women? The main areas of concern (for me, anyway) are: how do we raise women’s voices in the negotiations, will we lose everything we and the suffragettes have fought so hard for, how do we help stop violence against women – particularly immigrant, refugee, and asylum seeking women, and how do we make sure that women crossing borders are protected? Continue reading What Does Brexit Mean for Women and Marginalised Communities

  • A Letter to My Trump Supporting Friends

    My Trump Supporting Friends,

    Up until this past election, I always thought losing friendships strictly from politics was the most idiotic thing. I mean not everyone we encounter is going to have the same viewpoint as us. That would be rather boring if you ask me. I love that I can debate with y’all for hours (literally) about any given topic because it not only challenges my views but also allows me to see it from a different perspective. And even though by the end, I’m often left with a headache, the idea of two people being so passionate about something has a cool kind of beauty to it. However, this past presidential election is much different than any other. The amount of arguments I’ve gotten into is endless, and there’s no telling how many twitter followers I’ve lost (and am still losing) from my daily anti-Trump tweets. Continue reading A Letter to My Trump Supporting Friends