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    To Be A Slave Of The Gods

    Picture this: you are a 12-year-old girl, surrounded by your family in your compound in rural Togo. You want nothing more than to go to secondary school, graduate, and maybe move to the capital, Lome, get a good job and send money home someday in the future. Life is mostly good and simple – you […] More

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    Pink Matter

    My evening started this way: I looked into the mirror and nodded my approval at the reflection of my eager self looking back at me. I applauded myself for cultivating this iconic outfit. It was simple, yet complex. Safe, yet daring. Most of all, it was a debut outfit. By this, I mean that every […] More

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    From Combat to Contour

    Finish this sentence with the first word the comes to mind: “Military women are___.” I’m willing to bet that your chosen word was something along the lines of “strong,” “brave,” or “amazing.” What society doesn’t know is that we are all of that and more. We are fashionistas, moguls, and inspirations as well. If you take the time to look deeper into […] More

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    There Is No Grey Area: Moving On From Assault

    In my first year of university I was sexually assaulted. Since then, a huge development in understanding sexual assault through media outlets has taken place. Stories such as the well-known Brock Turner rape case and the many that were told in the ground-breaking documentary about sexual assault on U.S. college campuses, The Hunting Ground, have […] More

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    Why Science Needs to Listen to Women

    It’s important to note that what I am about to say is all my personal opinion based on my experiences of gendered approaches to learning. It was a Thursday morning in the middle of winter and we were in a gruelling math lesson. Our teacher had written a problem on the whiteboard and announced, “Shout […] More

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    Addiction and Our Society

    So recently, news broke that Demi Lovato had been rushed to hospital due to a suspected drug overdose. She previously went into rehab in 2010 for professional help with substance abuse and had been honest about her struggle with drug addiction. Going as far as to recently admit to her fans, that she had relapsed […] More

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    Cry Love Win

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    Anxiety, My Mother and Me

    With the conversation around mental health constantly growing, I am proud to be part of a generation that is slowly (but surely) becoming more and more aware of this issue. This includes conversations from how we identify and manage mental illnesses to mental health within black households. Parents are being taught how to communicate better […] More

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    How to Slay

    Five months ago I received an email about a book called Slay In Your Lane by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene and two things struck me. The first, was that despite the book being labelled the “Black Girl Bible”, it wasn’t a black woman bringing it to my attention. It gave me hope that maybe […] More

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