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    Feeling Body Confident with a Disability

    Feeling confident in our own bodies is something we have all struggled with at some point. Whether it be about our weight, skin, hair – we have all had an off day or two. With contentedness and acceptance about the way you look often comes confidence. However this can actually be less black and white […] More

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    Why aren’t Menstrual Disorders Classed as Disabilities?

    It’s 2017 and we’ve come a long way in making sure that people with chronic illnesses can still live fulfilled lives. Yet, as I enrol on the MA program of my dreams at the school I have always dreamt of attending, I am worried sick about finances and how I will cope with the pressure […] More

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    Get Out: The Horror Of Our Truth Isn’t Funny

    $257, 434, 250. That’s how much Jordan Peele’s film Get Out grossed at the Worldwide Box Office. 200 million dollars, with only a 4.5 million budget.   If you aren’t familiar with Jordan Peele’s film (seriously?) it can be best described as a social thriller, heavily touching on racial themes of America’s consistent infatuation with […] More

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    The Power: Imagine if women were the physically dominant gender

    A micro-analysis of the gendered patterns of women’s lives would reveal a lot. All of the cat-calls, the horn-beeps; from the disproportionate shares of housework to the fear of saying no, holding your keys in your hand walking home in the dark, just in case. But what if one day, tomorrow perhaps, women became the […] More

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    We All Break The Same: Mental Illness

    When you find out that someone is mentally ill or hear the words “mental illness,” what image is painted in your mind? Is it someone running around a padded room wearing a straitjacket? Are they unstable? Unapproachable? Is there a apparent line that separates you from them? What would happen if that picture was you? More

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    Naomi Campbell Meets Sadiq Khan for British Vogue

    City Hall. Central London. Dressed in an Alexander McQueen powersuit, Naomi Campbell met Sadiq Khan for the first New Vogue discussion interview. A momentous occasion with two, iconic British Citizens, yet, I was sceptical. Sceptical that the new British Vogue interview would be yet another bland, boring fashion video. However, I was greatly surprised after […] More

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    It’s not just Sex Workers who sell their bodies

    I remember watching the documentary series Sex in Strange Places (unfortunately no longer available on iPlayer) in which Stacey Dooley looks into the sex trades of Russia, Brazil, and Turkey. It is a series that opened up to my mind to the ways cultures impact the sex industry and the toll of the industries on […] More

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    Tips For Dealing With S.A.D This Winter

    It’s getting darker, which means that for a lot of people, the seasonal depression is kicking in. Anyone with any vague experience of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) will know how hard it becomes to look out of the window and feel positive on a dreary winter’s morning. S.A.D can be crippling and really unsettling, and […] More

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    What is going on with Brexit?

    Does Brexit mean Brexit? On the 23rd of June, The United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU); 51.9% of those who took part in the referendum decided that “Brexit” (British Exit) was the future. The implications of this decision are massive, even today we are still unclear as to what the precise […] More

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    Are you taking “mommy me-time”? You should be!

    Siobhan knows how important it is to make time for yourself, in particular, to take mommy me-time,not because she’s a therapist…or a doctor…or even a masseuse—but because she’s the mother to three little energy bunnies under age 10. We’re rocked by mom guilt. Even before the days of parenthood we’re ridden with the guilt of […] More

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