How I’m Taking Control of My Health

Wellness is necessary to living a happy life. Most of us do not realize the blessing good health is until we become ill. The most relatable example is when we catch a cold. We feel miserable for a few days, approved drink more water, get lots of rest, and perhaps take vitamin supplements. Once the bug is gone we continue as per usual. But what if your symptoms are a bit more serious? Perhaps you developed that cold. Perhaps you developed joint pain, fatigue, and sensitivity to certain foods. Maybe it is getting more difficult to perform daily tasks and strenuous activities. The situation described above is what I experienced the months prior to me deciding to take control of my health.

The truth is there is no cure all method to health and wellness. We are all discovering how to interact with the world through our perspectives. Our physical body is another one of the many facets through which we interact. Learning, having goals, making plans, and constantly reevaluating where you are is important when it comes to taking stalk. Alas, if you are wondering how I am finding success, I am more than open to sharing what is creating results for me:

1.My Fitness Pal App/ Food Tracking



Knowing what I eat, what nutrients are in it, and seeing how it affects my physical energy levels have really helped me evaluate my food choices. Whether or not I am eating most of my calories in fat, protein, or carbohydrates, and overall evaluating my daily vitamin intake. This app specifically allows users to set a weight-loss based caloric goals daily. The best feature that motivates me the app communicates whether you’ll lose or gain weight in 5 weeks based on the activity you log.

2.Eating More Fruits, Veggies, and Drinking More Water

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This is something a lot of people struggle with. However making slight changes in your life can create more opportunities for the integration of new habits. What worked for me at first was incorporating fruits and veggies into one meal a day. When that became “normal” and comfortable I then upped it to two meals a day. If you are trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle it’s all about little changes. The small changes translate to better long-term health habits. I am proud to say I am now vegan because of this practice.

3.Get Up and Move

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Turning off my phone, getting away from my computer, and closing out of Netflix to get up and move around for at least 30 minutes a day is what got me physically able to tolerate more demanding physical activity. The most important thing to do is start. Nike Run App, Nike Fit Club, and numerous other apps will create plans for you based on the results you want to see in a designated time frame. Start simple! Start small! Dance for 15 minutes, use the stairs, or go outside and play with you child or pets. Just get up!

4.Commit to Loving Yourself

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This is the most important component when making positive lifestyle changes. I simply did not know what behaviors or habits manifest health and wellness. What I have learned has come through experience and education. I am a Complementary and Alternative Health major and that shows I am committed to my health and wellbeing. I learn what is positive for wellness and the opposite; I try to then align my actions with that knowledge.

The most critical thing about losing weight, initiating wellness habits, and creating health for oneself is self-love. The journey I am on and the journey you are on is centered from this source. When I began caring about myself I started to consider what I eat, how much I move, and how often I truly feel alive. I have accepted where I am and the challenge of molding my life in the way that best suits me. That is powerful, and I hope this article inspires you to find the same power within yourself.

Written by Tiff Jai

Twitter & Instagram: @growthjunki

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